Sacred Selfishness

Sacred Selfishness is the ability to see that guilt brings you nothing that you would ever want. We allow others to feel guilty thinking that we ourselves have gotten ride of that guilt. We do not understand the Onesness that is our Created state of Being. When we “get angry” with anyOne, be it our spouse, children, friend or enemy. We are in a sense telling them without knowing it, “You are the reason for my unhappy life and because you are causing me to be unhappy I am going to blame you until you change your behaviour’s or you leave me.”

Now you may wonder why I am writing this, but I would hope that you would wonder why is it that you have been directed to read this. In short, your Higher Consciousness or “your Father in Heaven” is answering your question of who am I and why am I here. Why all the Insanity? To get the answer to these questions, you must free your mind of all the guilt that you are experiencing, from past events in your life. The past is no more, not even 1 minute ago is what you ‘think’ it is or how you remember it.

Your ego, the devil, is very crafty and has allowed you to believe the most absurd thing that could ever be believed and it is this: “God Kills, and He also allows what He Created to suffer and then Die”

When you awaken from this absurdity you will See that all of your beliefs were formed because you did not Know the Truth. The Truth is ‘within you’ now, waiting to be brought to your full, “Spiritual Intention” not your “Religious Attention.”  Religion defined is: [The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.] Jesus did not teach a religion, which is, many beliefs formed out of fear. He taught “The Power of Knowing God” through, FORGIVENESS and Non-judgement.

How many Organized religions today practice what He taught. He also taught that if they are not against us they are For us. So my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, you are taught by Christ (St. Issa) in your Koran to Love your Christian Brothers and Sisters and not “judge them for their false beliefs.” And likewise, my Christian Brothers and Sisters, you are Also taught by Christ (Jesus) in your Bible to Love your Muslim Brothers and Sisters and not “judge them for their false beliefs.”

Blame, guilt, sin, death and fear can all be understood, and let go of,  when you realize that what “The Greatest Man” to ever live taught, was, and Is today still the Truth, no matter what you believe! You are only feeling  insignificant because you do not UNDERSTAND that it Is All YOU! The Christian, The Muslim, The Sinner and The Saint are All YOU! ! !

How can this be so David? I am attempting to describe in words that which can only be experienced! Jesus was attempting the same thing. However, there is a big difference from the time of Jesus and now. I am not fearful of being killed as were His Apostles when they taught. You can become a Present time Apostle of Christ right now. I am not telling you to trash your “Holey books”. But I am asking you to re-think the significance of them in light of Christ’s teachings!!

You are accountable for what you Know, not in a bad, scary, or hell bound way. But in a loving way. The Final Judgement is not what God does to you, it’s what you Allow God to do with you and for you. God’s Will is your Perfect Will! God Created you, you did not create God. And this is a good thing; LOOK at what you made!!!

Now you can let it all be undone by simply practicing Love and FORGIVENESS, -guilt. Ok you can not allow another to feel guilt, it is the same thing as you are feeling guilt, ok.

Lastly, “sacrifice” is nothing more that a limit placed on God. Whenever you feel that you are sacrificing for someOne else, it is really your un-conscious guilt, and you do not like that feeling, so LOOK Out AttacK is on it’s way….But wait, STOP…understand what all sacrifice is, it is you, not understanding the true nature of reality for which you find yourSelf. How can YOU sacrifice for YOU? You can’t IT’S ALL YOU!! Remember you are in, “HEAVEN” and just not Self-Aware of this Fact, yet!! The hell you are experiencing in your life now, the bad news, at work, at home and overseas is your thoughts of Judgement taken out upon the ‘Self’ without Knowing it……..

It’s All YOU!!

So remember boys and girls the f-word of the day is…… Forgive!

Forgive me and you too will See that I am you and you are me and we are ONE, You See!!!

“DREAM until your Dreams come true, your plans never feel like your dreams do even when they came True!!

I Love YOU!!

Enough for today. . .


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