You are not to sleep anymore…..TiMe To AwAkEn!

Remember, as you read, I am not the only person who has told you what I am telling You!  As you read the Holy book that was given to you at your arriving here, remember what it tells you about death. It tells you, or better put Jesus-Christ tells you in that book; “That you do not die and the Kingdom of Your God is here, Now!” (FORGIVE me). 

Simply look at your life as a way of learning who you really are, and understand the only real reason you are here is to learn to escape the ‘body’ without having to die to do it!  You are here to escape death and wake from the eternal slumber that has come upon your sleeping mind, (FORGIVE me).

If death is not real and I assure you that it is not, and you will See as I See when you FORGIVE and Not Judge, then what other reason is this life for, if not to Wake-Up? What purpose is there to a life that ends in death? It is insane to think that the “God of Love” Created something, (YOU) that would exist, suffer and then die, (FORGIVE me).

Look at where you are as a “Life Simulator”, stay with me here for just a moment. What your “Creator” made perfect, is still Perfect and this Perfection is not Known to you because of your Un-Forgiveness and judgement. What Christ refered to as “Heaven”, I am going to call “World Peace” for this writing. World Peace is not only available to you Now but you will at some”time” experience it because it is the “Will of Source/God” that you do so. The time it takes is up to You!! This Simulator and the events of life, that you now find yourself in is not real. Remember, ALL your suffering is self-created as a result of your judgement! (FORGIVE me).

As you practice FORGIVENESS, (No Matter What You “THINK”), you will see your state of mind changing and your “reality” shifting to one of peace and safety and no longer one of chaos and death. World Peace is a state of mind so contrary from what you now know, that when messengers come to tell You, “God is here Now waiting for your acceptance” ‘we’ kill those people out of a fear of God!  Christ lived and “lives” in World Peace. Christ is available to you at anytime you wish to listen and receive what He has for you. He is a “conscious spirit” that will abide with you when you are ready and willing to give up Judgement! Christ can not abide in a mind that blames others and calls them wrong, thinking that their mind is the only “right One. (FORGIVE me).

Christ always reminds you, “FEAR NOT and Go Within” the world you see is the world you expect to see. Expect to See the Heaven that Jesus told you is here Now, and Practice what He taught, and you TOO will SEE! (FORGIVE me). I understand the problem that you have believing what I am telling you. This is why the Truth will set you free and beliefs will become like death, a former thing that will pass away.  You will Know and never have to believe in a future fearful event again!! You will realize that only good lies before You!  (FORGIVE me).

You will need to cultivate a patience through your “Higher Consciousness” that Christ called the Holy Spirit who is within You, and then your Eyes will See the World of Peace that Christ told you is Here, Now!

In closing, I understand that miners trapped in a mine for a long period of time do not immediately leap for joy when they are first freed from the mine. It takes ‘time’ for them to realize their freedom! Like them your eyes are still darkened by the past thoughts of a world of sin and death. As you allow the Holy Spirit to “Lighten your Mind” with the thoughts of Love, rather than allowing the ego, your devil’s thoughts of Judgement and un-forgiveness, you will See that planing for your life is as insane as trying to digest your food, beating your heart and manifesting air. God’s is in control and always has been!  You will begin to See that you were only mis-taken by those who knew no better! 

“DREAMING is for You!”

” All you need is within, Yes, All you need is Love!”

Enough for today. . .


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