YOU can KNOW…and, stop the beliefs!

Knowing comes when you stop believing. Believing “it” takes the place of Knowing “It”!
Why do I do what I do? Why does anyone do what he or she does? We do out of fear of lack. When fear is eliminated you will no longer do, you will Be. Learning to be takes a trust in Source/”God”. But we cannot trust what we are afraid of.

This world is an Insane place, with insane happenings, that God would and could Never allow! You have the power “within You” to See everything through the Vision of Christ and Not with the sight of you ego, the “devil” and therefore See differently.

If we do not learn to Trust God with everything, we can never experience the Salvation Jesus teaches us about; which is available to YOU Now and not after you die. You cannot die, you will not ever die, and death is a lie of your personal devil, the ego. Your God did not make death, so it is not real. But you have the fake power of “belief” here, and this power lets you think what is not real, is really happening, when it is not. I Know that after the recent events that are being reported this sounds insane, I cannot debate this point. This point is not debatable, not now, and not 2000 years ago when Jesus taught, “The Kingdom of Heaven is here now”, and if you are not seeing it, it is only because you are judging God’s creation as Insane, through unforgiveness!

If you believe what I am writing is insane, it is only because you are not practicing what Jesus taught.

You Are still planning and thinking about your tomorrows, You are Not Forgiving everyOne in your world and you are still judging others as different, wrong or bad.

Organized religions, without Knowing It, teach what they believe, and this takes the power of Knowing, that God gave you away. Understand, like Jesus, I am not trying to make enemies of my past teachers. I am not judging them as wrong, I am telling them if they PRACTICE what Christ taught they would SEE differently. This different Vision is what Christ called Salvation! What good is it to “be saved” from a hell after you die, when Christ tells you; “You do not die” and “The Kingdom of Heaven is NOW!”

I am attempting to get everyone who has ever formed beliefs out of fear, and I assure you, if you believe something, anything, it was formed out of a fear of something, and that was because you did not KNOW; to rethink their beliefs!

Most churches in America today teach that if you are not ‘saved’, then when you die, you will “go to hell.” I was one of the “believers” of this insanity! My belief was brought on by the fear of hell after death. The reason I began to Practice what Jesus taught was because I was tired of suffering. As a result of PRACTICING what Jesus taught, I now See what I could not See before. You will TOO! You will also See the falsehoods in scripture, where before you “just believed” even if it did sound insane. The ego has a way of explaining everything away. The ego, your devil is afraid, but does not want you to think you are.

In closing, I want you to Know, that church, the way it is practiced today, in 2012, will be much different when people like YOU, begin to “seek until YOU find” and not just believe someone else’s Truth! God did not make Death!! Jesus taught, FORGIVE, FORGIVE and FORGIVE some-more until You too, can SEE!! Does your church teach death is real or a lie like Christ taught? Christ wants YOU to Know the Truth, (this world is Insane), not just believe in something.

Come On, I am talking to YOU!

“DREAM, don’t plan” Remember, planning is in the future and Dreaming is for You, Now!

Enough for today. . .


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