Unconscious fear thinking…….Forgive it and let it be…..

Hello! We’ll “we” made it through and past 12.12.12, and why wouldn’t we;  We made it all up! Let’s take for example the Mayan calendar or the book of Revelation, all the speculation behind the two are Not real, and you can know this Truth by practicing what Jesus taught. How do we know nothing will happen? Because of the simple fact that they are “future events”, you are not promised tomorrow, and the kingdom of “God/Heaven” is NOW! A future, “bad event” thinking is insanity.

” When you Know hell does not exist in the future, you longer waste time believing in it”; As you follow the teachings of Jesus, Christ will Guide you past All fear thinking. “Future bad events” are thoughts you make “unconsciously” to keep the illusion of separation from God real to you. This happens because of the way you were taught. You were taught something that is Not true and that something is fear! You have no needs this moment that are not being met by “your Father”, what you are unaware of is, it’s always this moment, eternally! Eternity never changes, only your thoughts do, so “be still and Know.”

Contrary to popular “belief” your God loves you and never stopped loving you! “He” Created you as an expression of His love! Get it….now….You are Love manifested and are unaware of it because of your false beliefs in a coming catastrophe or final judgement!! As long as you continue to believe, Jesus was sent here, by God, on a suicide mission to “save your soul from eternal damnation”, you can and will never Know God Is LOVE, or the Love of God!

Your unconscious guilt from the judgement you have placed on what “God made” keeps you fearful of God. You can not love something that you fear. Fear is the opposite of love. Both cannot exist at the same time. You are free at anytime to Know the Truth that will set you free when are willing not to judge what God “Created perfect”, by practicing “True Forgiveness.”

True Forgiveness is knowing that everybody is innocent by Not judging what God made no matter what you’ve been taught to believe.

So, anything in the “future” is Not true, because the future is Now and will always be Now! No matter what date and time you believe it is. Did God make the calendars or man? Who knows what the Mayans or Pastor John, (**not Apostle John, different dude) was ‘thinking’ when they wrote what they wrote, or made what they made. An Apostle, Disciple or Lerner of Christ could never write “about future events to come.” Only your Father who is in Heaven, not even the Son Knows the future, so how could the Mayans or Pastor John Know?

Future thought is insanity and causes anxiety, and is Not of God, RELAX, it is Not real,  it is of your ego, the devil. Continue to RELAX, you ego is Not Real, either! Future thinking or predicting the future is not good at best and contradicts the teaching of Christ at worse. This type of fear thinking will only keep your mind “stuck in hell”, and “Heaven”, that Jesus tells us can be found Now, will always seem to be a future place not attainable.


Forgiveness brings sight to worn out tired eyes. Jesus became, “One with the Father”, Christ, by giving No thought for tomorrow and Forgiving, not judging anyOne, even His killers! Because He knew how your ego, the devil operates, He knew that fear is a mental cage that keeps the “Christ Consciousness” within you, unknown to You!

Lets make a new F-word for 2013. The new F-word will be FORGIVE. So the next time someOne upsets you tell them, “FORGIVE-You!”,  instead of “F-..”, well you know.

“Give No thought for future events to come”, FORGIVE and Don’t Judge and you will Master All your fears! And you will See all things Added unto you!

In closing, God is not the author of fear, you are. God gave you a very lofty function that you are not meeting. Your ego, the devil has chosen to be afraid instead. When you awaken, and You Will, God promised It via the “Holy Spirit”,  you will understand the insanity of fearing your Creator or Jesus or Christ, because it is literally incredible.

Give up this world! Not to suicide, drugs or depression; but through FORGIVENESS and LOVE!! You change your vision by changing the thoughts of the mind behind the Eyes. A mind in fear sees hell, a Mind in Love Sees Heaven!

“All you need is Love”

“DREAM, don’t plan”

Enough for today. . .


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