Love is behind Your eyes…….

Love is behind your eyes. You can become blind to this love without, because of the fear you think is real within.

You can not see your “own face” and this is because the world “you see” is a personal mirror or direct result of the thoughts and beliefs you hold as Truth, even if they are not true. This is why when you judge ‘others’ you are only judging yourSelf and now you can see what that has got you.

(Before we start, you do not need to “believe” anything that is written. You can Know if what you are reading and seeing is true or false, real or fake. You will know if something is true or false by the way you feel. If you feel ‘peaceful naturally’, ((no drugs, gambling, sex, games, addictions, obsessions, etc..)) then you are on the right path. If you do Not feel peaceful, examine the thought, change it to love through Forgiveness, and “move down your path.” You will come to a “point in time” where, everyday, you will realize that you are doing exactly what you want to do! This takes ‘internal knowledge’, and this knowledge is gained by, yes, you know- FORGIVENESS!)

Back to your world being a mirror of your thoughts. The reason you do Not yet realize this Truth is because you are so rarely aware of your thoughts. As you begin to pray, meditate or “quiet the mind” more frequently, you will become more Self-aware, and this awareness lets you Know; “This is not being done to me I am doing this to myself.”

What do you want? What do you Really Want?? Peace and Lasting Happiness with the Ones you Love around you, doing and Being exactly as you want to Be, with the money, health and thoughts to Do It? FORGIVENESS and Non-Judgement Gives this to YOU, Now! Not when you die; COME On, I am Talking To YOU Now!

The Only reason I talk about “organized” religions is because they are so “Judgemental in origin.” And No “religion” that Judges can KNow The TRUTH! This is why Christ tells His followers, not to do it! I am not judging you or your beliefs, I LOVE YOU!!! Believe what you want, when you want and as long as you want. But when you are ready to be “SAVED” practice what the GREAT Master Jesus taught! And then you will See this world can not do anything to you you do not want done. Then you will See, the ‘sting’ or thought of death will be like a bad dream that you awake from after a “restless nights sleep.”

You are as free as you will allow yourSelf to be;  Be still, (frequently!!) and Know that God is within and among You!

“You/them/they/we,” were taught wrong, that’s All. The teachers that taught us, mom, dad, loved Ones, grand-ma, pop’sie,  The Priest, school teachers, etc.. taught what they learned, not out of spite or a willingness to mis-guide us but out of a lack of “Personal Knowledge.” They formed  “beliefs” with out Knowledge!!

In closing, I want to again pass along my Love and blessing to you all. I look forward to the ‘time’ when we See as Christ saw, The Onesness of what He called “HEAVEN, on earth.”

“DREAM MORE/ plan less”

Enough for today. . .


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