Only “God’s” plan for Salvation will work

If  you are a Christian or Muslim, Catholic or Sunni, the Originator of your teachings be it Jesus or Mohamed, told their ‘followers’ the only way to SEE ‘Heaven’ as Jesus called It, or the ‘New World’ as Mohamed call It was through FORGIVENESS!

FORGIVENESS was the only way you were going to Know your “God”.

It does not matter what you “believe”, you only believe something because you do not Know the Truth. You form beliefs out of a fear of ‘something’, and you believe the ‘belief’ will save you from that something.

I understand I am not going to get invited to many Churches, Mosques, Temples, or Synagogues, to speak at where men and women are teaching what they have been taught and not what they themSelves have experienced!

Jesus was telling the Jews FORGIVENESS and Non-judgement was the only way to See God, and He showed us the ultimate example of FORGIVENESS when He allowed the Romans to kill Him.

The problem this world you see has, is “they” do not practice the teachings of the men they claim to follow! Jesus called them hypocrites 2000 years ago. They were teach in’ and tell in’ people how to be ‘saved’ and they were not even saved themselves; And by not practicing FORGIVENESS they are led around like sheep with rings in their noses by Priests, Rabbis, Pastors, Shieks ect… like lambs to a slaughter, “thinking” they are right!

At this point the way the world is, it does not matter what you believe really, if you will just START TO PRACTICE what Christ taught, and that is FORGIVENESS!

Think about how many different “Christian sects” there are right now in you own neighborhood, why? Are they all ‘wrong’ except you?? I am Talking To YOU!

If I say you are dreaming or sleeping, you say I am crazy. If I tell you the world is as God Created it, or “The Kingdom of Heaven is now”, and you do not need to work for your food, shelter or clothing you call me insane! The Only reason this sounds insane to you is that you do not practice FORGIVENESS and you judge people as ‘right and/or wrong.’

We were taught WRONGLY, not by the teachings of Christ but by the teachers of the teachings!! They never practiced what He taught, so they just “think they know the truth” and they no NOTHING!!

Ask your “Leader” this Sunday; Pastor, why can I not See the Kingdom of God that Jesus told us is here and NOW? See if he/she can explain that one; Then ask where do we go when we die? See how they ‘get around’ Christ saying; “If you PRACTICE what I teach you will Not partake of death!”

Understand, you do not need to “believe” me, Jesus or Mohamed to Know the Truth. You only need to PRACTICE FORGIVENESS at All costs!! The reason you see a world of sin and death is because you believe it, and you believe it because you were taught it, and you are taught it because your teachers “believe” it!!

You judge what God Created “very good” and you call It bad or fallen or evil or separate from Source/Love or God none of which is the TRUTH! Then if you’re a “Christian or Muslim” you call yourself SAVED, righteous or “not one of them!”

Stop your judgmental madness of what God made for YOU and YOU alone, LOVE me, FORGIVE me, do not ‘get mad at me’ and you too will See that God put me in Your ‘path’ to wake ‘us’ up!

Listen! If you have the Ears to Hear and are ready, Listen! FORGIVENESS is the Only way out of this insane world you made up!

You are So Very safe, You are in Need of No-thing, you only “think” you are…

“Keep DREAM-IN’ and stop plan-in'”

“It’s ALL YOURS, The Entire World was made for YOU, God’s, “Son/Daughter”!!


Enough for today. . .



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