Going “Higher” into Heaven!

“Forgiveness heals, judgement kills”

Forgiveness heals the mind and when the mind is healed the body heals. Sickness is a defense against the truth, or sickness is judgement taken out on the body. Judgement is fear thoughts. All judgemental thoughts result from the “lower mind”, ego or the devil mind. This is the, “I’m right, your wrong mind.” You can not be sick unless you believe you can be sick. “God” created you perfect, and when you realize this perfect Self via the Teachings of Christ, you will ‘be healed!’ Forgiveness is more powerful than any ‘medicine or chemotherapy’, because it heals the mind! Cells break down as a result of fear.

“Love Expands ItSelf, fear contracts itself or Love is Growth, fear is death” R.I.P. is for the living not for the dead!

The concept you hold/believe about yourself will determine the world you see. If you see yourself as fearful you will be afraid. If you See yourSelf as Forgiving, then the world will be a peace filled place to rest for a while before “going on into Heaven.”

Heaven, Salvation, Enlightenment, Self-realization or Becoming One with the Knower within you is all this existence is all about. Fear and judgement will not “get you there”, only Forgiveness will allow the mind to be still long enough to experience “your Father who is in Heaven.”

For example; if you say in your heart, “I am a Born again, evangelical, Christian and Jesus is my saviour, and Mormons, Muslims and Jehovah Witnesses are lost or wrong then you have just judged “your Fathers” creation and can not enter into “His Rest.” Christ tells you, “judge not lest you be judged.” In your book of Mark, Christ also tells you (us), “if they are not against us (you) they are with us (you).” Mormons call Christ a saviour and Muslims in the Koran say that Jesus was sent from “God Himself” to teach you Salvation and He is a Prophet of God.

Look at your Brothers and Sisters with loving kindness and See what God has given You! God has given YOU, Yes, I am Talking to YOU! God has given you Everything!! When you ‘believe’ others want to hurt, kill or take away your way of life or living, you are dreaming, you are JUDGEING. This is not Truth, this is a lie of your ego the devil.

However, Christ tells you how you can escape your own self induced hell.

JUDGE NOT! AnyOne ever! It’s only You!!

You can See, you can Hear! When you are ready to Forgive everyOne for what they never did to you!

Practice Forgiveness and Non-judgement TODAY! EVERYDAY until you “get it right.” It (Forgiveness/Non-judgement) will only sting for a little while and then you will See your “little sacrifice” of Forgiveness open the door to a room you never knew existed, but Jesus did and wants you to See Him there!

When you PRACTICE LOVE and not just “talk it”; Your walk will talk, better than your talk ever would walk!, And you will¬†understand along with Christ HimSelf when He said; “Father Forgive them for they know not what they are doing.”

In closing, Choose God over money, and you will See, God does not follow money but money certainly follows God!

Enough for today. . .


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