LIVE NOW!!! Not for the future!

Were Back!!  Ok, Are you doing exactly what you want to do today, or are you “going to work” at a job you are only doing because you “need the money”?

Tony Robbins said; “Happiness is doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want, as long as you want.” That sounds great and it is possible, because you are doing JUST THAT! Only you are unaware of your Self. You become Self-aware by giving “no thought about future events to come.”  This is a very important teaching of Jesus. Jesus knew, you do not need to think, you only think you do! (“God is in control” Trust “Him”)

Why live a long life doing what you do not want to do every day, with only moments of happiness. Wouldn’t it be better to have a short life doing exactly what you want to do every day?  I mean Take a Risk! Do What you want! Are you afraid of what ‘others’ will think?

I will tell you why you do not do what you want and what you are really afraid of, and do not even know it. YOU are afraid to die.  Jesus knew this is your fear and He teaches you how to overcome the fear of death. He knows your ego the devil tells you and you believe, “I am not afraid of death.” Why then do you plan? Why do you want “your enemies” dead? Why are you frightened when you hear about the “bad economy” or you are fearful of losing your job? Because, the ultimate fear is death and this is why everyone is always planning for future events to come, that may I remind you, NEVER COME!

Only after you have no fear of anything can you really begin to live. Fear causes you to seek depression, death, anxiety, addiction, sex, money and a host of other mind occupying things and events other than, GOD! When you seek Love and Only God you will no longer suffer. You are worthy and very much-loved.

You are Not “poor little you”, you are not here to suffer at all. You are here to Be “Self-realized” just as Jesus was Enlightened. Only you were taught and you believed that, “after I die if I am good enough then possibly I can experience The Kingdom of Heaven.” This is not true at all, this kingdom you think you want to experience after a physical death is Here, NOW!

The way to Heaven is available to you now. You can discipline your mind and do all types of “extra-ordinary” things. I am trying to get you to give up what you are trying to be. You do not need to try to be, you are Being!

You are playing “hide and seek” with yourSelf. In the end It (YOU) always comes back to It Self.

You are unaware of who you are? When you recognize who your Brother and Sister “really” is, then you will wake up. This requires you change your thoughts. You must Not Judge someOne else as ‘wrong’ and then you will have the Eyes to See!

You think you need to “pay a price” to wake up. You feel you need to do something, like Jesus did. This is not true, Jesus “did it” so you will never have to! Your sense of guilt is a way of keeping your game of hide and seek going on.  Guilt is the vail across the sanctuary of Heaven! You tell yourSelf I will not wake until I deserve it. Most “Organized Religions” in existence today keep you feeling guilty and teach you that you are a “fallen human being.” And that, You only deserve death.

STOP the Insanity, my DEAR and LOVING Brothers and Sisters, you can Know the real Self, the real YOU! You can know the truth even if you are afraid of knowing Who You Really ARE! Do you define yourSelf as a victim of the world or as the World?

If I told you who You are you might say that I am having a lack of reverence for God, or you would call me a blasphemer and be so full of fear that you may even want me dead. Christ told the people they are “god’s” and they killed Him for telling them the Truth because they were not yet ready for the truth. They had not evolved to the point that they could accept the teachings of Christ.

You can accept the teachings, you must accept the teachings if you are to exist, “grow” and create as “your Father” Creates!  

Practice: “giving No thought f0r future events to come”, “Forgiveness” and “Non-judgement”

Enough for today. . .


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