Love, not fear Heals!

How long do you have to stay asleep, dreaming that God made a place where war, sin and death are real?  Only as long as you keep judging others and not forgiving them what they have never done to you.  You think “others” have hurt you; “others” have stolen from you; “others” have “Done You Wrong!”

It’s all a dream, you are sleeping through a Creation so Loving that All you have to do is See!  

You have never practiced SEEING! I mean, Jesus taught you how to See, but when was the last time you practiced what He taught? You do not practice, “giving No Thought for tomorrow”,”Forgiveness”, and “non-judgment” because you think its nonsense.  But in the next breath you will say, “I am a Christian and Jesus is my Savior!” Savior, of WHAT??  Hell after death? “Your Savior”, when He Teaches you; Do not think about tomorrow, wants you to See, wants YOU to KNOW, that there is NO HELL and YOU CAN NOT DIE!!  

Your Savior also tells you do not judge. When was the last time you “Muslim” did not judge your Christian Brother?  And you “Christian” when was the last time you did not judge you Muslim Brother?

You are acting INSANLY and are not even aware of it. Who told you Christians or Muslims are bad? The TV news. Did you see with “your own eyes” the destruction caused by the Christian nation and their F-16 fighters, or the Muslim nations and their Mig fighters? 

It’s time to stop being a hypocrite and practice what you teach. If you are a killer in your heart and want others to die in the name of your religious beliefs, do not blame your “right to kill others” on Jesus or Mohamed. Neither of these two men advocated killing under any circumstance; No Matter what You’ve been taught or told! These two men Knew YOUR GOD!  You my Brother are unaware of who you are and you are afraid although you would never admit fear because that would be the demise of your ego, “the devil.”

It’s time “WE” advocate the teachings of our spiritual Gods! If our spiritual God teaches, “do not kill” even if they nail you to a cross, then I think He meant, “Do Not Kill!”

This message is for you Pastor, you Sheik, you Teacher, you Priest, you Rabbi, you Guru, you Son or Daughter of God!  Teach what you want to learn. Violence in any form or fashion, perpetrated by you or your paid “Army” will only keep you “believing” fear is real, God is insane and “He” created an insane world.

If you practice what Christ taught, it does not matter what you believe, His teachings will only enhance your personal beliefs, in a LOVING way!

You are here to be afraid of nothing. You are here to See it’s All YOU! How can you hate you and See Love in YOU? You are afraid of you. You think others want what is yours. You cannot enter or See Heaven alone. You need your Brother/Sister just as ‘they’ need You!

In closing, do something KIND today. Do something loving. Give something you value away to someone you do not value. Christian give some love to a Muslim and yes, Muslim give some love to a Christian. I want you to See the Oneness that is all around you! Or as Christ told them before He was murdered, “The Kingdom of Heaven/God is here and NOW!”

Enough for today. . .


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