What is it you desire?

If you continue to “desire with patience” you will see the effect of your desire manifested into your reality at some point in “time.”  Or “Ask, Believe, Receive.”

The problem lies not in “God’s” willingness to ‘give you what you want’ but in your own mind to receive what you have asked for. You do not understand how your own mind works, and your mind is easily, very easily tricked by your ego the devil.

For example: You have a “medical condition” that limits you. And because of this “limitation” you get $850 bucks a month in an SSI payment. Why would you want to be healed? Your mind, (your ego the devil) tells you that if you get healed you will lose the $850 bucks. So your sub-consciousness mind does what your conscious mind wants, whether it wants it or not. So healing is impossible until you realize, “Sickness is a defense against the Truth of God.” You are not sick, God did not make sickness, your ego the devil did so that you can be “left alone” and not have to try to provide for yourself.  The mind is sick that thinks the body can be sick!

But LISTEN My Brothers and Sisters! You Do Not have to provide for yourSelf!

Follow me? Ok, another example: You say, “I am a drug addict” or “I am an alcoholic” so your sub-consciousness mind believes this is true, so your conscious mind follows the actions of a “drug addict” or what a drug addict would do; Deny there is a problem, and continue to act insanely. The PROBLEM is Not Drugs or Alcohol…………….. IT’S FEAR!!!

The Sisters and Brothers that you see that call “themselves” addicts are being deceived by their own ego the devil! They are not addicts of anything, they are afraid of what life seems to be putting in front of them!! Drugs “takeaway fear” only TEMPORARLY!

Listen again PLEASE, I LOVE YOU! I understand it may be hard for you to conceive of this right now but never the less it is true. And in ‘time’ you will See, if you practice what I am advocating that You are NOT AN ADDICT! You are FEAR-Full!

Never Ever again go to a “meeting” stand up and say, “Hi, my name is David I am an addict!”   NO……..get around strangers if you have to, friends, loved Ones and say, “Hello, I am No Longer fearful of anything and I will allow God to Guide my path, not a drug or drink, no matter what!, Come Hell or High water!”

You Must understand the ONLY reason you do, what you say you do not want to do, is FEAR! You drink booze and the fear is gone, do methamphetamine, heroin or coke and the fear is gone, gamble and you are not “thinking about your personal demons/fears.”

The problem is that when the booze, the money or the dope runs dry you are back in “fear-mode” and fear-mode is Only thoughts and are not a Reality! Stop partaking of the “Forbidden Tree” my Brothers and Sisters and you are Cured of the insane activity called addiction! You have the power within you now to stop all the insanity. Heal your life, heal your world. Bring back love. Do not feel silly or embarrassed to tell another I LOVE YOU! Love is the reason you are here!!

In conclusion, to heal your self-induced “addiction”, ask, “God”, to Guide you. Sit in one place until you are moved by the spirit to move! When “thoughts” of drugs come into your mind, realize they are false thoughts perpetrated by your ego the devil, of how to end fear, and they can NEVER WORK!

Fear is ENDED as you end the fear thought! (quiet your mind)

You may not understand this now. But the Only reason for this life is for you to remember God your Source. Until you remember your Source, God, you can and will never be at peace. No matter how much money, sex or drugs you can obtain! The world you see can not bring you peace, this world was made that peace would be impossible without God. The Teachings of Christ show you a different world your Eyes could never find.

In loving guidance.

“DREAM, do not plan”

(Source Provides Everything without your fear mingling in on Creation)

Enough for today. . .


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