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“Ride the Bike!”

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I have enjoyed my time on facebook. Future thoughts, future thinking causes depression. The future will never Be now. Now will always Be Now and Now is always perfect! You will See the perfection of your creation as you let go of future thinking, future planning or future suffering. Past thinking, past thoughts cause guilt and suffering. “God” is not in your past thoughts or in your future thinking although “He” was and will be. God is only Now.
When you think, and your thoughts are in the future or in the past they are not real and these thoughts are caused by fear. Fear of death or fear that God will not supply all your needs or that God will punish you for some past behaviour. You can Know that All your fears are insane if you will practice forgiveness of others and giving no thought for tomorrow. At first its seems insane to trust a God you can not see with the future events of your life, however you can be assured everything will be ok by realizing that all your suffering has come from you and not from God.

What you are looking for in this life is the “Real You!” The you you think is you is only a concept taken from the Real You. The real you is consciousness or consciousness experiencing Itself. This can only be known when fear is eliminated! Fear is a lie of the “devil”/ego. Fear was not Created by God and is not real. God created everything and everything He Created is very good. You are very good, your ego has you “believing” that God wants to kill you or let you die and then judge you. God Knows Everything. Your ego knows nothing. Fear causes insane behaviour. It is insane to hurt anyone else because everyone else is You! When you Know this you are Free!!

I want to say to all of ‘us’ who are seekers of Truth: After you have read the book, read the instructions and put the bike together, you do not need to keep going back to the instructions, the instructions will not ‘teach’ you how to ride the bike; You have to be fearless and RIDE THE BIKE!! We tell our children do not be afraid, RIDE the Bike! “But… but you took the training wheels off and I am afraid~” I am holding the back of the seat I will not let you fall Dear Child of Mine! Ride, RIDE the Bike!!

Forget all your questions, forget all your judgements, forget all your doubts, what do you want in this life? You want Peace and Freedom! No more feeling like “I have to” work, I have to pay bills, I have to suffer, I have to…..ect. That peace and freedom is looking for you. The separated self you think is you can and will never have the peace and freedom Jesus teaches us about, without Riding the BIKE!! How can you ride the bike you ask? Seek or look for the Truth (within) by: **FORGIVING EveryONE!
**Do Not Judge anyOne (others) by the ‘beliefs’ you hold!
**LOve, do not kill or send others to kill your enemies!
**Love your Lord Your God, within You!
and lastly, most importantly, *Trust God*, *Trust Your Creator to provide All your needs*, by “giving No thought for tomorrow!” You have “NO NEEDS NOW” you only “think you do” and this is where all suffering begins and must end! Quiet the long-held concepts of yourself.

You are attempting to understand “Heaven” or Enlightenment through separateness thinking, “me or mine” we can not understand the true nature of reality by looking at the separate parts and judging them. remember this prayer, “I pray that you become One as I am One with my Father who is in Heaven?” Where is your Father? In Heaven! You are in Heaven and just can not See because of Judgement. You judge “others” and do not see it is You whom you are Judging!! This sounds insane to a world that has all but forgotten about God and His Love for them!

More: You can not see your own face. Think about this for a moment, you can not see your own face, but you can see others faces. EveryOne you are looking at is a manifestation of your thoughts and the reason you judge them and do not forgive them is that you are fearful and do not Know why! It Is All YOU!

When you transcend this reality by ‘Riding the Bike’ or practicing the teachings of Christ, you will understand that Nothing has been done to you by ‘your enemy’ it has all been You.

‘They’ killed Jesus because he sounded insane and they would NOT practice what he taught!

How many of the “organized” Christian religions today, “Ride the Bike”? They All have the instructions, they All have great teachers, they All have wonderful intentions and they are all loving souls.

Enough for today. . .

“Life starts where fear ends”

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As you become more aware of your thought process you can rid yourself of your past and therefore of future insanity. As you meditate, you will be a witness to your thoughts, as you witness your thoughts you will notice a gap, that gap is the pure mind, when you see this you realize you are not the mind at all but you are a watcher. Self realization occurs when you realize you are not controlled by your thoughts and when you are not controlled by your thoughts (ego) you allow for a surprise, for the first time you become unconditioned by your beliefs, you are a sane free human being. Put another way. See your life as a movie being played out in front of you. It’s just a movie. As you watch a movie feelings are created but they are not real. It’s just a movie. Allow the actors to play their part as “God” intended them to be, as God wrote the script, not the way you think they should act or what you think should be happening. Suffering comes from your judgement of trying to change the movie script written by God. It’s just a movie. As you allow your life to unfold without judgement you will notice God knows what “She” is doing and you will See suffering as insanity.

Fear of the unknown causes us to do insane things. Realize that the unknown is only unknown to the ego/”devil”, not to God. God Created you and has Everything under control. Relax your mind and you See the insanity of trying to plan for future events to come. With this relaxing of your mind comes the awareness that all things are in Divine order. This Divine order you can be a witness to if you Forgive your Brothers and Sisters for what ‘they’ never did to you. You have only judged them out of fear and this fear comes from not understanding the true nature of reality.

This is not a question of having to learn a lot, it is a question of having to unlearn a lot. We have invested so much time and effort in our old friend misery, and this is the reason for a fear that was not created by God. This entire blog, the teachings here are to get you to see that you have a purpose here and now, in this life-“time”, you are not an accident, Source has intended a plan for you and intends on Seeing it through you.

Nobody can ever say anything about you, what they are saying is about themselves. You are always trying to satisfy ‘other people’ stop this insanity. Become independent about the opinions of others toward you. You are always trying to be respectable, trying to gain the approval of others so your ego does not get hurt. This is insane. Rather than being disturbed by others look inside for the real You! When we are ‘self-conscious’ we are not really conscious at all. When you realize who you are you will See that the opinions of others does not matter at all. As you become you and not the ego part you are trying to play, you will be Free! Let Go, Let God!

Come Home Holy Child of God; You have been gone long enough!

Enough for today. . .