Forgive your Brother and Sister

In your Koran, Or In your Bible, Or In your Torah, it’s tells of a story of a man who was named Adam by your “God”.  He, you are taught was the ‘first man’ and that a “sleep came upon him.” But it never say’s that he woke up! Could it be that the “first man” is still sleeping? Would God have kept him sleeping in order that he could not hurt himself, and that he would awaken when it was his time?

I want to talk about this theory and show you that the concept everyOne has of a Loving God is correct and you can know that God is Love and God is not the God of hell, you are! You are running your own judgmental hell everyday out of a fear of your enemy, your Brother’s/Sisters’s and “your Father.” But how could this be?

Lets start from the begining…………..not that…..this one.

God created you, your Brother’s and Sister’s, and everything else you see. God is Love! Anything you are afraid of is not love and was taught to you, and is a lie. Fear of any kind is the Grand illusion of your life. This fear is perpetrated by your ego the devil. How did you get this ego? You Thought!! Yes, your private thoughts, separate from God’s Thoughts, gave you an ego. It is not real, so you can, and will, relax, when you “Wake-Up.”

Ok, back to your holy book now. Your book also tells you that God placed Adam in a “Garden”, a beautiful garden, and in the middle He placed, yes you guessed it a TREE! But what did your God tell you about this tree? “Do not partake of this tree because on that day you will die.”

Why would your God give you something or put it under your nose and not let you partake? The reason is, He gave you everything even the ability to have your “own thoughts” even though you did not need them and they would only keep you sleeping.

Are you done suffering? Do you want to be ‘saved’? Not from a hell after death but from your ‘self-created hell now? From All your worries and fears? It’s not difficult, you only need practice the teachings of a man like Jesus.

First, you will start to awaken by Not judging what God created! How could the “Lord of Heaven” not be glad if you appreciate “His” masterpiece? What could He do but offer thanks, to you who love His Son/Daughter as he does? Would He not make known to you His Love, if you but share His praise of what He loves? Your God cherishes creation as the perfect Father that he is. This brother and sister is His perfect gift to you!

The gratitude of God Himself is freely offered to everyOne who shares His purpose. FORGIVE your Brothers and Sisters for not “believing” like you do, it’s only fear that causes you to believe in anything anyway. Forgive your brother/sister and you cannot separate yourself from them nor from their Father.

You and your brother/sister are the same, as God Himself is ONE and not divided in His Will for you! Be determined to See and Hear the Kingdom of Heaven your holy books teach you about! It is Here and Now! But to See you must FORGIVE and NOT JUDGE what God Created as perfect!

Religion and “long-held religious beliefs” as we know them today will only last as long as there is fear in the world. Fear makes division and division causes judgment and war. When fear is gone and it Will be; God Willed that this be so with the First Coming of Christ, you will no longer believe in anything! You will know the Truth that’s sets men and women free!

The Truth is within you now! Look and you will find it! God Wills that you Be free, He Created you Free! Remember religious books and religions are only as good as your ego the devil will let them be. Read from them, learn from them, practice what’s in them, and then Go Further than them!! God gave you much more than a book, He gave you His Creation, He gave You HimSelf!!

The Peace of the World lies in your Forgiving thoughts, God made it that way!

“DREAM, do not plan!”

It’s Only YOU! Love That ONE, Then when you give what you got, you will get what you have given, and that MY Brothers and Sisters is EVERYTHING!!!


Enough for today. . .


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