Go on instinct, Live on instinct, Be instinctive in your actions!

Webby say’s: “Instinct  is the inherent inclination of a living organism toward a particular behavior.”

Your created behavior is LOVE! The only reason you do not act on your “instinctive created behavior” is because you do not Trust “God,” this is due to an insane fear caused by thoughts! When you trust God you will trust yourSelf. The part of you that has no trust in God is your ego the devil. Fear is the opposite of Love! You were Created fearlessly, but were trained to be afraid.

I was like you. I was a very fearful man. I was taught like most of you, that if you do not work hard and save money you can not have a good life. If you do not work you are lazy. God only helps those who help themselves. Heaven is a place that if you live a good life and accept Jesus as your saviour, you can go to Heaven when you die. If you do not believe this, then you will go to hell when you die. How could I trust a God who could or would send people to hell?

I made it a personal mission to practice the teachings of Jesus. Not as the church taught, but as Christ Himself taught. I began to “give no thought for tomorrow” and to forgive everyOne no matter what I thought they had done to me. After all Jesus forgave His killers while they were killing Him! As I did this, a new world began to open up before my eyes. I began to See that I was Created and I did not create myself; And I was SEEING that  my Creator was in Fact taking care of me!

You are fearful and not acting instinctively when peace is not with you. If you are not peace filled and you are not peace filled every time you are worrying about future events to come, bills, health, money, job, children, spouse, car or house or rent or mortgage payments, you are not in the Will of God but your own will the ego’s will.

Your thoughts are NOT Needed! You Do Not need to plan! Trust God and See!

You are Only here to learn God is your friend and not your enemy! If you are an ego then God will appear to be your enemy. If you are “childlike” and look to God your “Father” for EVERYTHING you too will See as Christ taught, “You have no needs you only ‘think’ you do.”

Allow yourSelf to Wake little child and accept any sense of failure as only a learning opportunity and allow your Higher Consciousness to be your Guide.

Lastly, guilt is a lie of your ego the devil. Let It Go! 

“DREAMS come true!”                                                   (plans do not)

Enough for today. . .

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