Offering yourSelf to “God” and ONLY GOD!

We “offer ourSelf to God” through spirit, “The Word”, or thought. All other offerings in the churches, in the temples, in the mosques are pseudo religion. Organized religions in the world today create an irrational zeal (judgement) by the followers of these “religious beliefs.” And this is used by the worlds leaders to exploit (to divide then conquer) these well-meaning followers. Exploitation without representation!  

Do you think Jesus lived a noncontroversial life? Then why was he crucified?Truth creates controversy, because it shocks people, it shatters their illusions, their concepts, their beliefs of their selves.

“But remember one thing. To live a life of compromise is worse than death. And to live a life of truth, even if it is for a single moment, is far more valuable than to live eternally in lies. To die for truth (as Jesus did) is far more valuable than to live in lies.” OSHO

People feel angry when Truth is presented to them. This is because the Truth is scary, Truth is change, change is learning, it is different, it is not of your friend the ego, but of God, and Love is the enemy of your ego! When the Truth is presented to the devil it gets angry and wants to take revenge on whom ever is presenting information in opposition to long-held beliefs. This is what happened to Jesus, Jesus was fighting the Judaic heritage. He knew that the people were being mis-taken, mis-lead and mis-taught by the religious leaders of the day and this teaching was not bringing them “Salvation” but spiritual imprisonment!

Are You saved from the false beliefs and false teachings of the religious leaders of today?

Two thousand five hundred years ago, Aesop told this story: It was a bright sunny morning in a mountain village. An old man and his grandson were going to the market in the large town in the valley to sell a donkey. The donkey was beautifully groomed and brushed and they set off happily down the steep path. In a while they passed some people lounging by the side of the path.

“Look at that silly pair!” said one of the onlookers. “There they go, scrambling and stumbling down the path, when they could be riding comfortably on the back of that sure-footed beast.”
The old man heard this and thought it was right. So he and the boy mounted the donkey, and thus continued their descent. Soon they passed another group of people gossiping by the wayside. “Look at the lazy pair, breaking the back of that poor donkey!”

The old man thought they were right, and since he was the heavier, he decided to walk while the boy rode. In a little while they heard more comments. “Look at that disrespectful child — he rides while the old man walks!”

The old man thought they were right, and it was only proper that he should ride while the boy walked. Sure enough, they soon heard this: “What a mean old man, riding at his ease while the poor child has to try to keep up on foot!”

By this time the old man and the boy were becoming increasingly bewildered. When they finally heard the criticism that the donkey would be all worn out and no one would want to buy him after the long walk to the market, they sat down, dejected, by the side of the road.

After the donkey had been allowed to rest for a while, they continued the journey, but in a completely different manner. Thus it was, late that afternoon, that the old man and the boy were seen gasping breathlessly into the marketplace. Slung on a pole between them, hung by his tied feet, was the donkey!
As Aesop said: “You can’t please everyone. If you try, you lose yourself.”

I am here to help those who really want to be helped. My teachings, like Jesus’ were not and are not for everyOne. If you want to free yourself, your mind from this world of bondage you can. Love has made this possible. You are what you see, you are just not aware of this fact! You can become aware of who you are when you are willing to let go of everything you have ever been taught. As I will remind you this is scary only because you (the concept you hold of you) is not ready to fully trust God to provide everything you need. I can assure you as Christ did over 2000 years ago, “Your Higher Consciousness knows what you have need of ever before you ask.”

What do you want? I want you to see that if all your dreams came true right now, the money, the house, the car, the relationship, the health, the job, life would, at the end of the day still be meaningless… you would still not be satisfied spiritually and this would create fear, and depression would soon follow because of your belief in sin and death.

Understand that you are in HEAVEN! God made HEAVEN and what God made is eternal! Your mind is causing you all the trouble that you seem to be experiencing. God has not asked you to make plans for future events to come. You did not create yourself, You were Created by LOVE! Love is your natural inheritance. All the “things” you want, you are entitled to, God created them for your enjoyment! You can See them as you Realize that you already have them! The Word or Thought of God Creates, not your brain or your brawn!

I know, I know this sounds like a buncha’  B_ _ _-_ _ _ t! Or as the Holy Books say “foolishness” it is not, it is the Truth! You are free to do whatever you want to do when ever you want to do it. It is only fear that keeps you from realizing your Dreams. Surrender the mind of fear, and let your true nature, the Mind of Creative Love flow within You!

It’s only You! Quit judging ‘others’ and Forgive Yourself along with everOne else you see. Your thoughts are manifesting your perceived reality. It is a ‘dream’ of sin and death and not Truth! Quiet your fearful mind chatter and allow the Forgiving Word of God to enter unto the altar of the most high space within you and All Your DREAMS will come True!

We are So Very much Loved!!!

Enough for today. . .


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