Undoing of false beliefs=”The Atonement”

” The Atonement” is the undoing of “false beliefs”. What are false beliefs? False beliefs are beliefs that you have formed as a result of not knowing the truth within you.  These are beliefs that you have formed by reading books, (Holy and other wise), what mom and dad told you was the truth and what you have seen on TV. Many more examples can be named as who we believed who did not tell us the truth, they did this without knowing what they told us was not true, they were well intending Pastors, Priests, Politicians, relatives, friends etc… The blind continuing to lead the blind.

I am going to write again about the Truth you can Know if you practice what Christ taught and not just memorize scripture, go to Church, and try to be good. You are GOOD! You have just forgotten who you are and why you are where you are.

If you let your mind harbor attack thoughts against others, yield to judgment or make plans for future events to come, your mind is sick (fearful) and you are not aware of the sickness within the “Holy Temple of God.” How can we heal this Holy Temple of the Living God? You can practice, right where you are Now, to Forgive (Love), have a willingness to Forgive everyOne no matter what your judgment of them is. Just as Jesus did not judge His killers, if you call yourself a disciple of Christ you must not judge anyOne ever, either!

The essential thing is learning that, ‘you do not know!’ Knowledge is power, and all power is of God. God is the Source of everything. “God the Father” is the energy of Love that gives you the power to create. I do not want to get side tracked and this is why this blog is short posts; However, I want you to experience something today! I want you to See some Truth. I am going to use words and I hope you can See what I am describing is Truth. You Never have to form “beliefs” with the Truth. As I have stated many times before;  “The Truth is Known, not believed.”

Think for a moment about everything that you “own”,,, your pants,,, telephone,,,car,,,food,,,where you call home,,,shoes,,, and anything else that comes to mind. Now notice that you did Not make Any Of these Items With You OWN HANDS! Can you imagine for example how much that pair of shoes you are wearing would cost if you had to plant the fibers, harvest the fibers, color the fibers/cotton/plastic, make the form etc.., and everything that goes into making one pair of shoes, it would cost you thousands of dollars for one pair of shoes, or one cell telephone! Now think of Everything else! They came  into your possession via Your Thoughts! Understand Now the Power of God within YOU! Understand the Power God gave YOU at creation! Have you ever been aware that your thoughts are manifesting your reality?  Learning has been accomplished before its effects are manifest.

Your current learning gives the present no meaning at all. This is because your past is what you, (or someOne else) have taught yourself. LET IT ALL GO! “Dream, don’t plan!” Your Mind with God can move mountians!!

When your peace is threatened or disturbed in any way, say to yourself: “I do not understand what this or anything means. And so I do not know how to respond to it. I will not use my own past learning to Guide me now.”        This my Brothers and Sisters allows for your Holy Spirit to ‘step in’ and Guide you and take “His” rightful place in your awareness.

I understand that at first this is fearful, very fearful at times, because you have not yet learned to trust a God whom you think made a ‘hell’ for some of your Brothers and Sisters. Remember: “God’s enemy is your ego!” The concept you now hold of your learned, taught and fearful self is the enemy of God.

In closing, those who remember always that they know nothing, and who have become willing to learn everything, will learn it! If you want peace abandon the teacher of attack, your ego/’the devil’.

This Truth will set you free! You are The One Created by God and So is EveryOne else you See no matter what you have been taught about them!

Forgive ‘them’, Love ‘them’, Do not Judge ‘them’ and you too will See as Christ Saw, that Them is YOU!

Enough for today. . .

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