Relax, You are So SAFE!!

You are only dreaming, Relax! Your task is not to make reality. “God” made a reality for which you do not yet understand. Death, sin and guilt are all lies of the ‘devil’/ego, and were not created by the Love of God.

Why do you know what you know? Or, Why do you believe what you believe? Have you ever experienced the “Kingdom of Heaven” that Christ tells you is here and Now? God created Heaven, only Heaven and Heaven is here Now! If you are not experiencing heaven something has ‘gone wrong’ in your thought system and needs to be corrected by the Holy Spirit’ within.

No matter what you have read, been told or taught to believe, you can experience this freedom and “Peace of Mind” when you Forgive and do not judge others. When we judge ‘others’ as wrong it keeps us in “hell”, because we are only judging ourSelf without Knowing it.

You are One with everything You See, God created it that way! God did this so you can be the “Good Samaritan” of your Kingdom! What you give you Will receive! See if that is the Truth or  if Jesus lied! “You reap what YOU sow.”

Sunday in this dream is a Holy Day. It does not matter what you believe, if you call yourself a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jew or Hindu. It’s All the same, it is a ‘belief’ you have formed, from a book and were told by your ancestors was the truth. You are Not wrong, but neither is anyOne else! However, because of Judgement, you, Muslim do not read the Bible and you Christian do not read the Koran. Why? You have judged it as wrong but have never read it or Practiced the teachings of the man is was based on. The teachings are the SAME!! But you do not Know because of your hard heart and Judgement of your Brothers and Sisters!

There was a man who lived a long time ago, as time goes in this dream. Muslims call Him a Prophet sent from God Himself, Christians call Him the Son of God, Jews called Him a Rabbi and Buddhists say He was a Yogi. He taught; “Judge Not Lest You be Judged.” Why, if you feel or believe He had more Knowledge that you, would you not practice what He taught. Please ask yourself this and get to the bottom of How and Why You believe what you believe!

Temples, Churches, Mosques and Synagogues even, take the teachings of Christ and pervert them to fit to there liking. This is done by the devil out of a fear of God! Fear perverts; Love Heals!

Without fear, “Holy Books” would be at best, guide posts to the “Promised Land” and worst seen as little more than archaic devises used as a means of controlling large populations of people without their knowledge. No one knows they are being brainwashed while they are being brainwashed. The only way to understand brainwashing, is to wake from the brainwashing by practicing the teachings of a man like Jesus and not just “talking about it.” He was killed because he was “The Secret” sent by God. If the ego’s of that time knew what He was teaching they would have killed Him long before. He was killed because He taught you how to free you mind! The devil can not outwit the plan of love. Love expands, fear contracts.

“The saved do not need a Saviour!”

Lastly, The “Second Coming” is not experienced or seen ‘out there.’ It is within the Kingdom of God that the Second Coming occurs. You will never See the Second Coming of Christ with the eyes of judgement and unforgiveness. It can only be seen through the eyes of Christ within! Who taught you about the Second Coming of Christ, was he or she saved? Saved from what; a Hell after death?

“You do not die and the Kingdom of Heaven is here, Now!”  Thats what Jesus Christ taught! Do you think a man who was willing to go through the torture of the cross would deceive His followers? Of course not. If you are still suffering my Brothers and Sisters it is because you are not practicing the teachings of Christ!

Fear Not! Give up the false beliefs of hell, sin and death! Free your mind!

Follow your “Saviour Christ” to the promised land, Now, not when you die! Let the Truth set you free!

Ask yourself, Why would God create hell??? If God is perfect and I assure you “He” is, then everything He made is still perfect. Find this perfection within you, via the Holy Spirit and you will never judge another Brother or Sister again for not believing like you do!

“You have only been Mis-taken sweet Child of God, nothing more than that has occurred. You are as safe as the “day” God thought you into existence!”

Enough for today. . .


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