Nico? Where are you?

How often do you think about ‘God’ during the day? As we see that very few are thinking about God or Source we see the reason for all the turmoil in the world.  This turmoil in daily life is caused by the judgment of others.  This blog is to help you understand the importance of Self-realization or Salvation.

Are you done suffering? Do you think God made suffering? Could Love make something suffer?

Why do we ‘spank’ or hurt children to make them conform to what we believe?  I am asking these questions to have you look at the insanity that we call sanity.  Punishment does not change the heart, love changes the heart. When the heart is changed no one wants to hurt anyone else for any reason. We spank our children because we are angry. Anger promotes anger. Love promotes love. The next time you get angry at someone, stop for a moment and first forgive them and then teach them, not with force but with loving words.  We only spank, hit or hurt children because we can. If you tried to spank someone bigger than you for the same offense that your child committed, you world not, because they may spank you back.  

Understand that children are not yours; they come through you, from God. You have children to learn lesions in forgiveness, to learn lesions that you cannot learn any other way, from any other form.  What you give you receive.  Imagine that everyone you see is” your child” and it’s your responsibility to heal there misconceptions of this world; Not get them to believe like you! What kind of world do you want to See? Give that and only that.

We must first recognize the Spirit that resides within us. Then we begin to see that all fear causes anger and all anger is fear turned inward; because we do not like this feeling we attack the ones we think gave us this anger. As you see that you are not a body but a spirit, you see that the reason for all you’re suffering is thinking that you are a body.  Many at this point will say it’s insane to think that we are not bodies. I understand this way of thinking and if you think you are a body you will act like a body. If you think like a spirit you will act like a spirit. God is Spirit. You are like your creator. Form is manifested and seen out of fear of the unknown. When you are no longer ‘fear-full’ you will fill your temple with love and See love everywhere you look.  “Be the change you want to see in your world” Gandhi told his followers.  “You are the good Samaritan” Jesus told His followers.  You be the change, do not try to get others to change, it’s your perception of them that’s ‘off’ not them, they are as perfect as the day they entered your reality.

So recognizing the spirit within is the first step to Salvation or Enlightenment.  The “Christ consciousness” that Jesus taught us about and lived His life with is the consciousness that you are looking for. Many are only looking in the world for this. It cannot be found in this world because what you see outside is a direct result of the beliefs you hold inside.  For example: If you believe that all dogs are mean you will fear all dogs. Plain and simple; even if this is Not the Truth! Or if you watch a TV program, news program, or read a book and you believe it is the truth, it becomes true to you even if it is not the Truth.

Beliefs; all of _our beliefs are not true. Beliefs are formed out of fear of the Truth! The carpenters’ son from Galilee told us over 2000 years ago, “Truth will set you free.” 

Why form beliefs from a book or from what someone told you when you can Know the Truth instead?  The blind continue to lead the blind and the blind Know not that they do not SEE! Remember Nicodemus, we need some Nicodemus’s that are not afraid to question the Source of their beliefs.


 Nico’ had to step out of his comfort zone and go to Jesus and ask, “What is this that you teach and where did you find this information?”

Enough for today. . .

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