Love YOU!

The Superconsciousness is the Christ consciousness. This consciousness is what you are experiencing when you become “one with your Father” as Christ was one with Everything. This ‘consciousness’ can not be experienced seperately. When you judge ‘someone else’ as wrong, you are judging the Whole of Creation without knowing it. Your perception is caused by your beliefs even if your beliefs are not true. If you think for example that your Holy book is the one God chose for all humanity, and He chose your belief of that same Holy book as the “truth” for all humanity, then this is judgement. It’s ‘your belief’ formed out of ‘your judgement’. How then can “you Know the Truth that will set you free?” Are you free? Do you get upset when others do not ‘believe’ as you do? Freedom is peace and understanding and this is followed by a feeling of Eternal Love and a knowing that nothing can ever go wrong again! When Christ taught about Salvation He was not teaching about a preperation for an after death experience. His own words state,”you do not die and the Kingdom of God/Heaven is Now!” As we practice the teachings of Christ we See that; we see death because we believe in death. As I stated before, your beliefs and your judgements are causing the world you see. Christ knows this and so He tells you; “Judge not or you will be judged.” When you judge another as wrong you can not See the Rightousness that God created them with. You are seeing your own judgement of yourself manifested before your eyes. Forgive so you can see clearly. As you eliminate fear through non-judgement, you will See your dreams coming true. Your dreams are here now and will only be seen with Forgiveness. Your beliefs have mis-lead you and that is ok, you were only mis-taken, surrender your judgement, and give what you want to recieve. Peace will come as you surrender the inner conflict, and the inner conflict will go as you surrender the judgement of others. “Be loving towards yourself, then you will be able to love others too.” Osho


Enough for today. . .


3 Responses to “Love YOU!”

  1. Wonderful food for thought, David. Strange as it may sound to some, we are here to let go of all belief, and to just be. And I love the sign off: same as OSHO used to end satsang.

  2. […] Love YOU! ( […]

  3. Amen! Thank you for the ping back to my post! God bless David! Great work!

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