How come I have not realized that all my dreams are coming true? Why do I see the same things everyday? How come I do not See the “Heaven” that is supposed to be true, here and now, Or the Heaven that is Presumed to be true or real without conclusive evidence. Where is the evidence of this Heaven, and on top of that, listen to this one, He even tells me that, “I can not die and will Know this if I…

practice what He teaches me.”

Perhaps we can shed a little love light on this shadow, doubtful thinking. The Light of Love that is YOU! If you ask a quantum physicist; “What am I?” He would say something like, you are an energy vibration that is mostly empty space. WHAT?? yes, lol.

I said the above so that we can begin to change, (if you want Eternal Peace) the concept you now hold of yourself, and this concept is this: That we are a body, that makes us do things we do not want to do sometimes, sometimes we get what we want, and then, when ‘iT’ is ready it dies. This has to be fearful.

I received an email from a friend who ask me to post about “self-control.” At the outset I want to say that real self control is letting go of all the conflicting thoughts that you have within you now. That being said, here goes the post about self-control:

Addiction, OCD, loss of self control is only the ego/’devil’ playing tricks on you. The cause of these tricks is fear. You look for something ‘outside you’ to eliminate the fear, (drugs, obsessive doings, gambling etc…) You fear the future will be like the past and so it seems to be. When we deny the ego, by quieting our thoughts (meditation/prayer) we then are allowing Love/’God’ to replace them. “Seek God and the Devil will flee.” Whenever we say, “I am”, we are or whenever you say, “I am”, “You are!” For example instead of saying, “I am an addict with no self control”, replace that thought with, and begin to say, “I am not an addict and I will decide to have control over my thoughts!”


As you begin to let the thoughts you do not like, you do not want and the thoughts that bother you go (prayer/meditation, and all you need is a Willingness to be sane); You are at this point asking God to replace the fearful, unloving thoughts and mental images of the devil, with The loving, fearless thoughts and positive images from God “Himself”; And this my Brothers and Sisters is the cure to all addictions you seem to be struggling with!

It’s that simple to regain the self-control you never really lost! Forgive yourself, feel guilty No More, you were only mis-taken, you are the Dear Child of Creation Itself! Without You, God can not have expression in this world! God Created You for It! God will not let you “self-suffer” longer than you want to. His messegers are sent to you everyday, do not judge the next Brother or Sister who comes into form in your reality. That form is your Saviour, (disguised by your judgement of their “different”-race-religion-sex-status-behaviour, etc…) You can remove the judgemental disguise with FORGIVENESS…….Forgiveness and Non-judgement of what you think you see will allow You to See what was Created for You to See!!

Enough for today. . .

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