Transending your ‘trained reality’ . . .

We will attempt to go further than we have previously gone in the ‘past.’

Everything that you see, touch, smell, taste or hear has been ‘made up’ by your ego.  Your Source Created everything as One. You however saw everything as separate and began to ‘name it’ out of fear.  Why did this ‘separation’ or ‘fall’ happen? The answer can come only through experience or revelation.

This post is an attempt to help you take full responsibility for your life and not blame your Source or “God” for everything that you ‘think’ has happened or is happening to you now.

God is Love and Only Love. Death is not a part of your God or “His” Creation.

 You made up death and see death out of a fear of death. When you no longer fear anything not even death you will understanding the teachings of a man like Jesus, who we now call Christ.  To understand Christ and See as Christ we must practice what Christ  taught.

As you take full responsibility for your life by letting God be God, you will begin to see that all your fears are unfounded and always have been. As you let God provide for your food, shelter and clothing you will See that it has always been provided for. How can you see this? First, you Must “give No thought for tomorrow.” I UNDERSTAND This is very fearful at first because you are not in the habit of Trusting God!

As you begin to Trust God your trust will be proven to you as your Sanity. Insanity came as a result of not trusting your Creator. Why do you fear anything? What is fear? Fear, as is sin, is a result of not Loving Yourself;  The Self God Created in His image and likeness.  As you trust God by forgiving your judgements of His Creation, the fear of God will leave you.

Who among you would not be afraid of a God, when you have  judged His Kingdom as unworthy?  You judge God’s Kingdom as unworthy every time you judge One of His Creations; Everytime you judge One of your Brothers or Sisters as “lost” or  “in a cult.”

Taking full responsibility means Forgiving the wrongs you think have been done to you by ‘others.’ Christ tells you FORGIVE, you have no enemy’s. You will not know this if you do not forgive.  Christ, if He was teaching you today or if you will listen, may say, “it’s a catch 22” you can not See Love and Forgiveness if you do Not practice Love and Forgiveness. 

This post is not for everyone. If you want to See as Christ Saw and Hear what Christ Heard you must practice what Christ taught. Otherwise all His teachings are Insanity to a world that has all but forgotten about God. Do not be led by blind leaders any longer. Be led by the Holy Spirit within you.  There are two worlds right here right now; One is insane, lead by the ego into darkness as a result of fear. The other is sane, lead by Christ into light as a result of love!

Take responsibility by Forgiving, not judging and Loving everyone Your God Created. This takes an inner courage that can only be found by surrendering long-held judgements of others and the things they “believe” even if it  is not what you “believe.”.

  “No one gets to the Father except through Me (Christ) and if you practice what I teach, you will Know the Truth (not have to form a belief) and the Truth will set you FREE!” Jesus 2000 years ago

Enough for today. . .

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