As we begin to question long-held self beliefs about the true nature of our reality, we See that many of our beliefs “missed the mark” in that fear was the basis for our beliefs. As we question why we believe what we believe we See that there is nothing to fear in asking the “Holy Spirit within” to translate what we read in our scriptures from a fear (judging) state of mind to a Love (Forgiving) state of Mind.

As we understand the verse “Give no thought for tomorrow” to mean that “God” is taking care of all our needs. We See, we just Never Saw this before because of our of fear of God. How can we love a God who would kILL His own Son? Not just kill, torture His own Son? Or kIll and torture His own Creation?

I understand the fear that is aroused as you question these long-held beliefs. Fear turns to anger and this is why we kill. Anger is fear turned inward and then because of the way we feel we project it outward.

Whatever you “belive” becomes true to you even if it is not true! No one you see is wrong. It is only your Judgement and Unforgiveness caused by fear, which produces anger that causes your projection.

As Forgiveness dawns on a non-judgemental mind, the mind is restored to peace, and love can then come as a result of not judging what Your God Created. CHRIST can not come where there is judgement. Christ knows that what God created can not be judged by His Creation. It (God’s Creation) needs to be Forgiven (by You) and then it will be Seen!

Do you want the “Peace that surpass ALL Your understanding?” Practice this: Give no thought for tomorrow, Forgive, Do not Judge, Love everyone, even the “ones” you have been told are your enemy’s! They are not. You have nothing to fear not even Death!!! Death is a lie and if you believe it, you will see it.

Give up trying to be your own teacher. You have a Teacher within you that Christ called your Holy Spirit. If you seek “your Father who is in Heaven” and Christ told you Heaven is within you, you will experience the Truth; And that Truth my Brothers and Sisters will set you FREE!!

“I now See that God made You, so I can See Him”

Enough for today. . .

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