What you are afraid of IS NOT REAL! REALLY!!

What are you looking for? What will make you happy?

As soon as you surrender Completely what you want, you will receive it….WHAT?

I will explain the best way that I can in a short expose’ to show you what you thought was true is, however, we do not understand Truth. ??? Confusing I know. See, we do not understand the power we wield.

For example: If I have colon cancer; Do I want colon cancer? yes and no. If your answer was NO and only NO you would no longer experience the effects of colon cancer, why?;  Because “God” did not make it, and if God did not make it, it is not real and you made it up. Yes! We ‘get sick’ because it helps us become free or deal with the chains of this world without taking responsibility for ourselves. 

“Feel sorry for me I am sick.”  or “I am addicted to drugs it’s not my fault.” This is what we say to everyone around us without uttering a word.

You my Brother or Sister are only suffering from a lack of Love for yourself (sin) and it is Not real. Fear is what causes us to experience or ‘do’ insane behaviors. When you eliminate fear you heal and Sanity returns to your awareness. Jesus called this Salvation! You are saved from the hell you made for yourself when you eliminate fear. Hell is not a ‘after death experience.’ Christ tells us, “you do not die and Salvation is at hand.” Or, ” The Kingdom of God is Now!”

Take a moment now and think about something that you are suffering from or with. Ok, got it? Now think about what would happen if you were no longer suffering from this ‘thing.’ (if you felt fear it was only a thought and not a reality)

For example, colon cancer, addiction or loneliness; The reason I was fearful of my ‘healing’ was because of what would be required of me if I was healed. I would have to go back to a job I did not like maybe, pay bills, or more would be required of me. But now I am sick, so LEAVE ME ALONE!

Surrender all sickness. Surrender all lack. Surrender all FEAR! Surrender all addiction! When you do this you allow for a miracle to take the place of your fears.

What you are afraid of IS NOT REAL! REALLY!!

Give no thought for tomorrow or for ‘future events to come.’ You are safe! Stop doing the “sickness” by giving it no more of your thought. You ‘give no thought’ by practicing what men like Christ and Buddha taught when they walked the earth as you are now. Go within, often, quiet the ‘devil’ or ego thoughts.

Are you serious about your healing? Serious about your “recovery”? I will give you a secret “they” do not want you to know about…..Ok ready?


Fear not homelessness! Fear not, no food! Fear not, no shelter! Fear Not, No car! Never Ever Fear, No Money!

Why you ask? Perhaps??? God (your Higher Consciousness)took your money, temporarily, to Help you See Fear is a LIE!!!!

Begin to live in the quiet place God has Created for You within the hell you have made for yourself.

You are very much-loved, forgiven, protected and safe, you just never Knew it!


Enough for today. . .


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