The true nature of Reality!

Ignorance or lack of knowledge in the true nature of the reality for which you find yourself, is solved by delving deeper into _our mind. We must dive deeper than the “material world” or past all the fear seen here to locate the reality for which “God” is Seen. God is here too, however, “It” is not experienced as real and so we seek in the world to find God. This just perpetuates the illusion of “sin and death” because we are relying on our five senses to find the Truth that they (the senses) block!

As we identify with the ego/”devil” learning from this deeper level is lost. You are not “your story” or your ego’s explanation of you. You are so much more and this is what this blog is about. Begin to value the “inner life” above all and you will suffer No more! The fear of death is solved when you experience your true nature of reality, directly. As you explore this inner world that Jesus teaches us about all pain will eventually come to an end.

 The “Second Coming” takes place within. It is not a matter of belief, obeying religious rules or any “code of conduct”, we do these things out of the fear of God! The second coming/Salvation is automatic when you are ready. You are required to pay attention because this Awakening only happens in your own awareness. Trying to prove Salvation to the unsaved is kin to explaining the water to fish.

You are saved, you are safe, you just do not believe IT! LOL. It’s better to cooperate by Not judging others and Forgiving them. As long as you “believe” you have the truth and others who do not believe as you do, do not know the truth; We are lost on and insane journey of Unforgiveness and Judgement in/of God’s Created Kingdom!

Go for Life! Do not fear death or prepare for death any longer! Live!

Fear causes us to do insane things with “time” to take our minds off of it. Gambling, drugs, work, money, sex, video games or anything else that takes our minds off of living becomes an anti-christ or idol and Christ who shines standing in front of you is never seen.
When you are done suffering, fear and guilt will become meaningless to you and then the real search for God begins in earnest.

Be good to you little Child of God! You have never done anything to offend your Creator!

Enough for today. . .


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