IT is Love!

Peace of mind comes from allowing everything to Be as “IT” is and not trying to change IT. Learning to See IT is what this life is all about.

We process information based on our past thoughts (fears), trying to change or keep the same what went before. This is insanity when seen with fearless Vision, because the “past” is not a true reality, you only ‘think’ it is and this is where all your suffering enters into your perceived reality.

Allowing for change or Trusting that “God” will take care of you takes Faith that can be acquired by letting go of your past beliefs. Giving no thought for tomorrow and judgement takes time to learn only because these were learned habits and you were not Created with them. When we think of giving no thought for tomorrow, fear inters the mind via the ego/’devil.’ And as a result of the ego, we now move to judgement of our surroundings and this adds more of what was not Cteated, fear.

FORGIVENESS will allow you to begin to See and Trust that God has not abandoned you. Forgive Everyone and Everything, not because you are right and they are wrong, you forgive because God Created IT and your Judgement blocks your Vision of IT!

IT is Love!

Enough for today. . .


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