You make fear through Unforgiveness. FORGIVE and fear is NoNe!!

 “The world as we know it is ruled by fear, chaos, limitation and greed. But YOU are not of this world. You come from somewhere else. And to the extent to which you remember that, you are lifted above the effects of the world. In becoming free of its chains, you become one of its redeemers.”  Marianne Williamson
Thank you, Jane for sending this to me. I will Fear Not and see not with eyes that were made not to See and hear not what was made with ears not to Hear. ‘God’ did not make what the ego/’devil’ sees’ and hears’. There is another world just beyond your personal fears; A world created for you and by You with God. The world I see can change when I eliminate fear by changing my thoughts about what I am seeing. Surrender your dream, just like the girl did in the movie when she closed her eyes and repeated, “there is no place like home.”

You are just an instant away from “Home”, from Awakening, from Salvation, from Enlightenment or from Self-Realization.

The only reason for life is to live, not to prepare for a future happiness! The future is just as insane as the past. Sanity is found in the here and now, by letting go of fear via FORGIVENESS.

 Love, Trust and Faith will give you the power to ‘wake-up’ from your self induced sleep (hell), as a result of false fear. All fear is: Form Experienced As Real. The form of the thing is not it’s reality. The lesson is behind the form of what is or what is ‘happening.’ Quiet your mind often and let Your “Holy Spirit” interpet reality for you. You Need Do nothing!

We are Doing this to _ourself it is not being done to “us”.

Eternity is the letting go of _our past so we can See _our Now! Let go of the past by “giving No thought for future events to come” or as “My Savior” is quoted in James’ version of things, “give No thought for tomorrow.”

Love and Peace to us “all”

Enough for today. . .


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