_OUR World is _ours, and only _OURS!

How can I say this to YOU! I _ ove You! Open up _our mind so _our Brothers and Sisters can See the Oneness that is _OUR Reality!

We must go through seeming terror before we can Know the Truth about Our reality. However, the ‘Holy Spirit’ will take you through if you allow ‘Him’ to do so. The seeming problem is that we always stop just short, at the first sign of fear. It is not “God’s” Will to frighten you, nor is it your True Will to be frightened by Salvation, Enlightenment or Self-realization. Only the ‘devil’/ego is frightened, and that part of _our mind is not Real, it only appears to be, out of the fear of a future death and that is Not a Reality!

You see what you believe, even if it is a lie of the “devil”.

Remember this: “The Kingdom of God/Heaven is Now and you do not die.” Jesus told us this over 2000 years ago!

The ego’s of men read scriptures and interpret them as they see, not as Christ within you SEEs.”

The world needs not another religion, another church, another belief, another “Holy Book”, it needs only follow the teachings of a man like Jesus!!


What God Created Eternal, is Eternal. The Only purpose of this life, this world, this DREAM is to Wake-Up. Some Enlightened Souls who found Salvation from the dream in the ‘past’ have called this world an illusion. Christ told us; ‘Be in the world but not of this world.’

_OUR entire Reality lies just beyond the veil (a very thin veil) of fear. Give NO THOUGHT about tomorrow, what you will eat, where you will sleep, what you will wear or how you will survive, Know that all is well, via; Faith in _our-Lord!

Simple just not easy at times,

enough for today. . .


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