God gave you the Present, it’s Now, as “His” Gift!

Fear is not of the Present, but only of the past and future, which do not exist. The Present is so beautiful once it is Seen. It is free of guilt and nothing but happiness is there.

This lesson takes no time to learn, only a willingness to be free of what you have learned thus far….

     Give over every plan you have made for your salvation in exchange for “God’s”. “His” Will content(s) you! You MUST “go through” the ‘unsettling’ time. Fear is of the ego/’devil’ and not of God. You must go through something or go past something to get to the “other side” of it.

Miracles are on the other side of all your fears!! 

(Holy Books speak of a “refiners fire”)

You will Know you are not a body, to be ‘in’, live a short life and then die. You will Know you are free.

Ask yourself honestly, “Would I want to have perfect communication with God, and am I wholly willing to let everything that “inter-fears” with this go forever?” If the answer is NO, then the Holy Spirits readiness to give it to you is not enough to make it yours, for you are not ready to SEE it “God’s Way.”

     The ego is afraid of death and yet wants it at the same time. The ego comes through your thoughts to take your life away. The Holy Spirit comes to restore to your Mind, “you never and have never had anything to fear.”

You act the way you do and do what you do out of fear of the unknown. The unknown is only unknown to your ego or what Jesus called your ‘devil.’ To God all is Known and wants you to just Be free to create the life that you are entitled to and fear Nothing.

Miracles will replace All your “perceived” needs, once you allow the Miracle God gave the Holy Spirit to give to you to do what it is intended to do.

You do what you do not want to do (work/toil) out of fear of no money. If you are working at a job you do not like, the work is wrong. Seek your true nature, your true self within and you will be shown what it is you are to “DO.” Jesus told us we seek what we want or what we believe will bring us the  most joy. He told us money or God will bring us the happiness we seek, but never both.

Quiet your mind, surrender All your thoughts of  un forgiveness to the One Whom is within and Knows what to do with what you give to “Him.”

enough for today. . .




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