Get out through the ‘In’ door

The escape from All pain and suffering is within you.

What you see with your eyes are thoughts manifested.

You may question this if say you have cancer or you lose your job or someone close to you ‘passes away.’ You may say I would never want these things to happen and in your right mind this is true.

However, if you are not aware of what you are thinking, then you can not be aware that you are perceiving reality as you “think” it should be. (?)

Cancer is brought on by depression and depression is brought on by fear. Fear is future thinking, which causes worry. Stop worry and cancer will heal.

When you lose your job, you were tired of it anyway; You just did not know how to quit because you were afraid and thought you needed the money the job was supplying. “God” is the Source of all things, not your toiling.

Snap out of it!

Quiet your mind. Get out of here by going within. In you is total Peace of Mind and Knowledge. The Knowledge of what you are and why you are “HERE.”

Learn to just BE!

Learning to be is only difficult because you taught and learned very well how not to Be.

The undoing of false beliefs requires that you go within and seek the true nature of reality you were Created with, reality is first found within and then it is Seen and Heard in ‘your world.

Think about this and let it resonate with you, let it ‘sink in’ be with this and see if you have an “Ah haw!” moment, I prayed that you did.


You do not think about digesting your food, you do not think about blinking your eyes, you do not think about breathing and you never, ever think about making your heart beat. Why?  because You “Know” that all these things are taken care of for you. You also do not need to think about getting money, providing for your food, shelter or clothing. It’s Also All provided for you, You are just not aware of it!!! 

Let Go of All your Fear to SEE!

“Seek First the Kingdom within you and All things will be GIVEN to You”

Jesus 2000 years ago

The closer you get to knowing God is within you, is trying to express Itself through you, the closer you get to experiencing the “Kingdom of Heaven.”

You are in need of nothing!

Tell yourSelf often, ever ‘time’ you think of it today:

“I am as God Created me, I am His Son/Daughter and I can suffer nothing.”

enough for today….


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