The Oneness of Creation

     “I” will depart and I will go ‘on in’ to Heaven and You will come with me. When it’s your time to go into Heaven you will See me there.

Realities are different in  ‘hell’ for all the ‘Sons/Daughters of God’ or all the ‘Lights of Heaven.’ As we ‘grow’ in consciousness or become more aware of our reality we See that we have never left Heaven; Only in our thoughts do we appear to be separate from our Creator and in a place where harm can come to us, this is a grand illusion and an impossibility. You were given everything at creation even the ability to ‘think’ that you can be harmed.

You can never die! You have never died, nor will you experience that which you call death. Death was ‘made-up’ by the part of your mind refered to as the ‘devil’/or ego so that you never experience life and the love of ‘God!’

How is this possible? What you see you tend to believe even if it is not true. As you begin to eliminate fear by giving no thought for future events to come and forgiving everyOne and everything you see, a ‘New World’ begins to shine it’s light into your world. Judgement of others becomes impossible as you experience what was before only a concept and that concept we will call “Oneness.” Oneness shows you that God has never, nor could ever leave or abandon that which is Created, YOU!

Fear is: Form Experienced As Real.

“God” is formless. God is only love. God did not create what you see with your unforgiving and judgemental eyes. You make it up because of your ‘belief’ in fear. The ‘real world’ is just beyond the one you made to block the other. You did this by ‘accident’ and then believed what you saw was true and it became real for you. God knows not of suffering. All your suffering is self-created by your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you in turn shift or change your vision/version of reality. A loving God could never make a world of pain and suffering, yet a loving God will change what you see if you desire that change above All else.

Clarification of biblical or scriptural terms is necessary if we are to progress to the, “Peace that surpasses all your understanding.”

“Heaven” is a higher state of consciousness, not a separate world, from the one you find yourself now. The “devil” is the ego and “ruler of hell”; For which your ego is the ruler of your world. When we hear, “the burden is light and easy”, it is the message of the way to Heaven without bringing the devil. You can not bring the devil with you into Heaven just as you can not experience higher consciousness by utilizing your ego. Love/God Created the higher states of consciousness and the ego keeps you in the lower state for which you made and find yourself now. As you eliminate all the fear of your “enemy” and the ego’s enemy is God, a higher state of consciousness is revealed to you by God!

God can be Known and Experienced and this the devil never intended for you to SEE!

Heaven is within you now. The Kingdom of God is within and among you now. Your Father is your Source. We are all looking for the same thing. That thing is security which brings total “Peace of Mind.” We have looked for this outside of us for ‘all of time’, in money, drugs, house, car, relationships, sickness, and even death.

However the security which brings the Peace of Mind through knowledge, is within you NOW!

Love You Brother,

more to follow. . .


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