Quieting the “Mind Chatter”

A short note to remind us that if the mind is chattering or the internal dialog is arguing with itself, God is unnoticed.

Mind Quiet Time is necessary if we really want to be awakened. What is awakening? Why is so much fuss made about enlightenment, salvation or self-realization? The answer is simply:

“ALL suffering is self-created and ended when Your true Self is realized; And knows that this life is not thrust upon you, it is you doing it toyourself”

Fear Nothing! Fear is caused by the mind chatter…It is not a reality!

    You come to this realization that Jesus refered to as salvation, by aligning with your true self or with “Your Father who is in Heaven.” Heaven or your highest consciousness is within you Now and can be experienced Now! Death is a grand illusion of the ego or what is refered as the “devil.” What God created has no end and death would be an ending. Life is all there is and for this to be experienced you need to quiet the devil of “his/her” mind chatter. When your thoughts are in the past or the future, both of which are not a reality, your mind is really “in an illusion”. Everything seems to be happening to you.  All suffering is self-created. It is only you. There is no one else.

God created this “world” or the environment you find yourself in only for You! At first blush this sounds insane. However,  if you practice what Jesus taught and he taught from a place of knowing called the “Christ Consciousness” you too will See and Hear and Know it is only YOU!

*Forgive everyOne, (70X7)

*Judge no One (ever for no thing)

*Love your “enemy” (you have none)

*Love your lord, your God (within you)

*Give No thought for tomorrow, (do not think about future events to come,plan for nothing, begin to trust your creator, you may have to go through “hell” in your mind, but keep the faith and God, YES!! That GOD!! will answer You!)


enough for today,

Love Your Brother,

More to follow. . .


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