Why postpone Happiness?

David Winter has devoted his life to helping people of all races, creeds and religions, to realize and express more fully in their lives the true Divinity of the human Spirit. David helps reveal the basic Oneness as taught by Jesus, through FORGIVENESS and Non-Judgement.

David helps you to realize the superiority of mind over body and of “God”/Love over mind.

AnyOne who aspires to know God/Love, not in the beyond, but in the here and now, will gain insight by attending a New beginnings, 30 minute lecture.

As an Advocate of Well-Being, David aims to free you from physical, mental and spiritual suffering. He will encourage you through FORGIVENESS, to overcome evil by good, sadness by joy, and ignorance thru internal wisdom. By quieting the mind daily and giving no thought for future events to come, the body begins to heal and all suffering is seen as little more than an illusion brought on by not understanding the true nature of reality, and the true nature of reality is that only   Love is Real!

Love you Brother,

more to follow. . .


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