Seek not outside YourSelf

Happiness is not and can never be found outside you in cars, people, money, things, events, or your job/work. You have a purpose and many are afraid to pursue their purpose because they do not think that they can “get paid” for doing it. Fear is the reason we do not live and love is the reason that we do live.

We do not understand the True nature of the reality for which we find ourselves.  We believe that we were born and we will die someday. This is a lie and you can Know that this death thing is a lie if you, ” look within you for your higher consciousness” or in other words, “seek your Father who is in Heaven.”

Through this blog,  I am guiding you, if you will practice what is being taught, to a ‘place’ within you, where All Truth is Known!

Is does not matter at this point what you believe or do not believe, if you really want the Truth and are willing to surrender your ego or “devil” thoughts of judgement and unforgiveness you will be shown who you are and why you are here. It does not matter what ‘Holy book/s” you use, or what church, mosque, temple or synagogue you attend. If you practice the teachings of a man like Jesus, who attained “Christ Consciousness” while he walked the earth, you will be set free from all you now Believe, and in the place of belief will come a Knowing. This Knowing will set you free of all your earthly fears, even death. You will no longer fear not enough food, you will no longer fear for your shelter, you will no longer fear for your clothing, you will know as the carpenter/teacher from Galilee told us over 2000 years ago, “Your Father knows what you have need of, Give No Thought for tomorrow, of what you will wear or what you will eat.”

We only form beliefs out of fear because we do not yet realize that the Truth is within us!

In closing, for you who are new to this site I am a man who suffered needlessly for many years and have used the teachings of Jesus to overcome the sins of the world. I do not have a religious belief system in place. It does not matter what you currently believe or do not believe, or what religion you claim, or where you go to worship,  if you practice the teachings of a man like Jesus it will only enhance your religious and spiritual practices.

Love your Brother,

more to follow…


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