Karma Will Allow YOU to Gain Merit!

We reap what we sow in Love Only. Do not be afraid of anything. “God/Love/Source” is on your side.” There is no after death judgement or punishment no matter what you have been told or taught. God is only love. God is only kind. God is always giving never taking. The ego/”devil” is the part of consciousness that experiences fear. How can we Know this truth that sets us free? Go within and ask “Your Lord,  YOUR GOD!”

“No one ever believes they have been brainwashed. Christian revivalism started this process in the eighteenth century, (The King James Version), by inducing guilt, acute apprehension, and by increasing tension, they intentionally break down the “sinners” to completely submit to the “new plan.” They wipe the brain slate clean (thru fear)  so that the mind accepts new programming. Conversion is just a nice word for brainwashing.”

Be good to you today and love everyone no matter how it appears and you will be shown that your judgement has led you astray. We have only been mis-taken!

Love your Brother,

more to follow. . .


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