“It” is LOVE

You can describe It. You can know It. You can experience It.

The issue comes when you try to think about It. Thinking comes from the ego, the ego does not know, the ego thinks it can know and this is where the confusion and judgement comes in about It. Jesus called It, “His Father”, He also told us It resides in “Heaven” and that Heaven is within you. When you know It, you see It. Religions call It, God. It does not matter if you believe in It or not, It is still a reality. Without It you could not be, It is all around you. We form beliefs because we do not know It; to know It you must seek to find It. You can do this through others who like Jesus, know It.

 To know It we must surrender our old way of thinking about life and death. We can believe in things that are not real and think they are real. Begin to question all your beliefs. To question long-held beliefs you must not be fearful. Fear is what causes false beliefs. When you discover death is a lie you will see death the same as when you believed the earth was flat. You see others die so you think that you will someday die. The reason you see death as a reality is because you believe in death.  You can end the belief in death by practicing the teachings of Jesus. You will see death as the grand illusion of the “devil”, as Jesus call the ego. The devil/ego lies about everything!

 Nothing happens in your life without your consent!  When you no longer judge your life situations you see, “This is not being done to me, I am doing this to my self.” Change your beliefs and your life changes.

When you realize yourself, you realize you are the expression of It. The Love of It would be overwhelming in the fear consciousness. The fear consciousness tells us we have to work hard for our food, shelter, clothing, money, happiness Etc. . . The ego tells you can never be truly happy until you die.  The ego tells you that you are separate from everything you see and lastly what you give you lose.

Love consciousness or It tells you, I created you, you did not create yourself. You can do whatever you want to do. I will give you money, food, shelter, clothes Etc. . . To see this you must love yourself and everything you see. To understand It you must not judge and forgiveness must be at the forefront of your thoughts.

In closing, know that all your suffering comes from not understanding the true nature of reality and all your falsely held beliefs. All your suffering is self-induced. Suffering is thoughts. You do not need to suffer, ever. Suffering is from the past or future thoughts. End suffering by living in the here and now.

Love your Brother

More to follow. . . 


2 Responses to ““It” is LOVE”

  1. Well said, David. Presence is key, and trust of self. And what so many miss is the truth that the greatest wisdom for one to tap is not found in the words of a guru, in a seminar, in satsang or any book or movie. It is within each of us.

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