Holy Books (Torah, Koran, Bible, Bagvagita, Etc…)

     Holy books can only point you in the direction of a shift in consciousness/Heaven!.

      We can not experience Heaven or Nirvana by quoting scriptures,  wearing certain clothing or traveling to “Holy lands.” When the books are laid to rest and seeking “God” begins within you in earnest, you will notice your experiences shifting from one of judgement of others, fear and beliefs to forgiveness, love and knowing’. Knowing requires No belief. Knowing implies, No belief.

     To know “God” is to stop believing in a “God.” You will then stop relying on yourself and Trusting “God.”

Love you, be good to you and you will SEE a world of faces looking back at you in thanks. You have now forgiven them and Now SEE the Oneness Jesus told you about! You are remembering YOU!

All the teachers advise us to seek forgiveness. The Holy books do not divide the people. The people are divided out of fear of uniting with other brothers and sisters.

How can two people read the same text, come up with different answers and form different religions? Ego or The Devil as Jesus told us, coming to divide and destroy.

“Thought” is the problem. I am right you are wrong, “thinking.” This is ego/devil “thinking.” The only power the ego has is what you give it. Ask yourself why would “God” only give part of creation the truth? “God” gave All creation the truth and it is “Within” and “Among” us all!

When we realize how our “beliefs” were formed, we begin to seek for the truth and we will find it. The truth will never divide. The truth is loving. The truth is all forgiving.

The truth Does Not Judge any One of “God’s” creation (you or me) as Wrong.

We are all like little children before “our Father who is in Heaven.”

Quiet your mind often, ask for guidance, seek the truth and it will find You! It is closer to you than your breath.

Love, Love, Love

Your Brother

More to follow. . .



One Response to “Holy Books (Torah, Koran, Bible, Bagvagita, Etc…)”

  1. Such strong loving words of truth you have here. I like how you show that the words “ego” and “devil” are interchangeable. For some reason I searched tags with the word “love” and found this post. So glad I did, just amazing. Thank you for this.

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