You are only “dreaming” My Brother/Sister

     The dream of death, sickness, poverty, homelessness, addiction, fear, guilt, anger, sadness, loneliness, are all not true. Take courage and TRUST that Christ will carry you through everything, All the shadows that appear scary to you. Become independent of everything you ‘thought’ you new about love, life and death and you will SEE your protection lies just beyond the tiny wall of fear.


     Trust everyone you see, love everyone you see and most of all forgive everything and everyone you see and your true sight will be returned to you in a holy instant. anticipate nothing, be with everything, give all to all in thought and deed; This will bring you freedom unimagined.

You have returned to Heaven. The Heaven you never left but in your sleeping mind!


Your Brother

More to follow. . . . .


One Response to “You are only “dreaming” My Brother/Sister”

  1. Thanks for the comment. Nice blog to you, too…

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