The World is like this……

Here is what we do not think about; Ok are you ready?

  1. That we are Spirits
  2. That we live in a Spiritual place
  3. We create our lives through “thoughts and feelings”
  4. Everyone who comes to you is bearing the “Christ-consiciousness”
  5. “Time” is only for “Waking-Up”
  6. You are a Spirit that has been “tricked” by your trained ego
  7. There are no accidents in Creation/therefore nothing bad happens
  8. When we are able to SEE with the eyes Jesus talks about then we will SEE that we are in Heaven just as it was Created by
    The Father” for us
  9. “God/Father/Higher Consciousness” gave us everything even the ability to “trick” ourselves into “thinking” we can die
  10. When we eliminate fear immortality is and death is no more
  11. You “think” people die, but you will never experience what you call “death”
  12. When we “think” about someone in judgement, anger or fear, we are wrong ( we have No enemy’s we only “think” we do)
  13. When we listen with the ears Jesus tells us about, we will HEAR what they came to tell us, and this HEARING only comes without judgement and with forgiveness
  14. We are One and we are not contained in a body
  15. As Spirits when we quiet our mind we hear the Voice of “God/Father/Higher consciousness” within reassuring us that we are LOVE!

Staying in the moment, Now, is the only way to awaken from the dream of being separated from “God”. The past is gone. The future is non-existent and also gone. So if our thoughts are in the past or future we are still sleeping. Sleeping is OK when you want to sleep. But if you continue to sleep it will appear to you that life is a bad dream.

In closing I will remind you of what Jesus was telling us about the sleep we are in. He tells us give “No-Thought” about tomorrow, what you will wear, what you will eat and or even what you will do, For your “Father” in “Heaven” knows what you have need of and will provide it for you.

He also tells us “The Holy Spirit” “Within” will Guide YOU.

Know and understand that Jesus takes many “forms” and if you look closely you will SEE and HEAR Him in everyOne!

Give everything to everything!



A challenge to You. “Stop putting off what You have been putting off, fear no-thing and live as free as God Created YOU”

more to follow……..


2 Responses to “The World is like this……”

  1. Indeed. My truth: We, all of us, are always whole, and always healed. We must just remember ourselves. Jesus lived an incredible life. And so did many others. Jesus’ truth is not the only truth I see out there. Heaven, it is all around us. And when I pass from this life, I do not want people to say that I’ve ‘gone to heaven’, for I have lived among my heaven already, and will just experience it in a new way. God dwells within and without me. Always there to answer questions. Always there to reveal truth. Always there to lead me to those opportunities from which I have a choice learn (but it doesn’t mean I will learn from them).

  2. david1963 Says:

    Thank you for your comments. I AM a learner too!

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