Oneness Shows You, Heaven Is Now!

     I sat with the Great Master one night, and He taught me of wrong and He taught me of right.

     His  words were like an arrow straight to my heart, I knew then I had nothing to fear, cause He would never, ever part.

     He told me He Loved me in so many ways; That if I tried to explain it to you it would appear a verbal maze.

     I will try to tell you of the FEELING He gave; When He told me of His Love and how it was made.

     “Love began as One”, He said and that’s the way it stayed; Until we “thought” and forgot we had it made; Not to worry and not to fret, the Great Master continued, “God” would never gamble nor “God” never bet.

“God” would never take a chance on losing His only son.  So always remember we have                                                                                                    always                                                                                                                                       been One…………………………………………………………………………………………..

      When you first SEE “God” you realize something unexplainable and yet true, the more you seek the “Love Devine”, the more you realize that everything yours is mine!” (and Visa versa)

      When you can (and you must to understand) accept that we are all One in concept you will then begin a transformation that for every step you take toward “God within”,  “God” takes TEN steps toward you. You need to agree at least in concept that we are all One. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad and all other Master’s of the “Inner-World” or “Heaven” have told us we are all One.

    OK,  Now you want to take the concept and make it real in your life.  Because a concept is only a concept in the mind until it has been proven to be Reality. You can prove that we are all One when, we begin to See everyone as the Christ consciousness and treat them accordingly;(Remember: “Whatever you do for the least of these you do for ME“). Start by looking at everyone without thought or judgement, even some one you think you know really well.

     When you do not judge anyone you will SEE them with the eyes Christ told us about. 

It only gets better brothers and sisters;

“God” tells us “SEEK and YOU will FIND!” 

Always Love,

I C U in Me,


More to follow….


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