Is it All just a “State of Mind?”

In short Yes, very much so. The “Holy-Spirit” state of mind.

The way we become fully awake in a “dream” is to fear NOTHING!

 Try-it, Simple just not easy. I will attempt with this post to have the real You “wake-up” a little more. The real You is your spirit self that has No fear and that is One with the Father who is in heaven. The other you is the ego or the devil as Jesus calls that “thought system.”

What does Jesus tell us about the “sleep” that Adam(we) never awoke from? He tells us the way to wake up is to “give No thought about tomorrow.” Easy yes, but not simple. Just doing this (NO-THOUGHT) will cause you to be in the moment and not in the past or the future. It’s a narrow path that Jesus is asking You to be on.

Fear is error in “thinking.” Nothing is to be feared in “Heaven” or the “Kingdom of God.” There are No unforgivable sins, No hell-fire, No eternal damnation. Why do you fear Love (GOD)? Was it because you were told to?

You can not love what you fear….

If “God” is Love and “She” is, then “God” can not be fear which “He” is not.

Make sense? 

We “think” because we do not know, when we know we do not have to “think.”

When we “think” we are making our own will, the will of “God” requires us not to think with the mind but to think with the heart. Eliminating ALL Fear is the way back to the “Garden of Eden.” Thought is fear. Feel your body when you “think.” Does it “feel” ok? If Any thought causes you to be disturbed then it is not true.

Always keep in mind…WE ARE IN HEAVEN!!! (Yes, Jesus said it.)

This blog is an attempt by me, to convey to you, the reader that we create our own suffering with our “thoughts.”

THOUGHTS are required in the world of suffering and pain. Thoughts are optional in Heaven.

Imagine for a moment that everyone you SEE is Jesus and the only reason that you do not recognize the Christ consciousness is due to your judgements that stem from past or future “thoughts.”

Is everything open to personal interpretation? Yes, in the world “without”, No, in the Kingdom “within.”

“Be in the world, yet be Not of it.” Jesus 2000 years ago.

To be of  the world is to live in fear Not knowing “God.” To be in the world is to live in love knowing “God.”

Thank You for any questions you may have about what is on this blog. I will ANSWER All questions. “Time” is for us to “Wake-up” and nothing else.

 I will close with this statement……”If we “think” that “God” created a place where we have to work all are lives doing things we do not want to do;  To “survive” just to “die” at the end of it all. Then we have Not gotten the message that Jesus brought us “All Those Years Ago.”

If you have any question PLEASE ask……



more to follow….


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