Riding The Storm Out.

Nothing has ever happened to you. It has always happened “through” you. “God” is in complete control. “She” or “He”  will never let anything that will harm you last for eternally. Eternal Punishment after death is a lie that has been perpetrated on “spirits’ since the beginning of creation. Why? Fear is the only means of controlling YOU.

YOU, as you read this can only be “controled” by fear.

Imagine for a moment that you fear nothing, NOTHING at all!

 Not a lack of food, shelter, clothing, love, money or any other “thing.” How would you act? What would you do? Where would you go? What would you become? This is all possible, easy no, simple YES! Go “within” quiet “your” mind listen for your “Divine Source” to lead you. Ask, look and it will ALL be given to you.

      Fear NOTHING. Live free of fear. You can, You know….. Why? Because YOU DID NOT CREATE YOU. The One who “made” you made you in love AND has given you this world as a playground. Do you think that I am lying to you? When one lies there has to be a motive or the lie is useless. Lies are fear. Fear is the attempt to control.  Why do you, yourself lie? FEAR! Thats all.

OK, try this: Think for a moment. Are you breathing now? Silly question you ask? Who gives you breath? Why? Answer that question and you CAN NEVER FEAR AGAIN.



more to follow….


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