Love, Love, Love

Love is remembered Not learned.

     Love is what we see when we eliminate fear and judgement of “others.” Understanding love is to understand creation and eternity, all else is false. Love is truth and the only way to become free of the guilt and shame that fear presents as real. Fear is a lie. If you fear anything you are not feeling the love of God. God does not contain fear;  Fear implies judgement and sorrow. Without fear there can be not sorrow. Sadness comes from fearing the untrue. When we see that everything that we have ever feared is not true we come to realize that it has always been love that has sustained us through the “ego’s” bad times. However looking back (and only briefly) we see that Nothing bad has ever happened to us. This is because we were deceived by “our thoughts” to think that fear and death are real. Death is not real and this can only be seen looking inward with a quiet mind in tune with the father.

If death is not real hell has no place in love and eternity.

     Who created the love in you? This creative force we call God has to be love. We are in Heaven now! Yes, however  we can only see this “Heaven” if we eliminate false beliefs. Where do false beliefs come from? God? Never! False beliefs come from having to be right and others wrong. This is not “of God”. Ask yourself why would God of love give some of “His” creation (you) the truth and deceive others who do not believe as you do? Free will ? Free will is to choose truth or lies but never to condemn. Free will is in-place because we fear God!

We have an eternity to “return home” and correct our mis-thinking. Death is an illusion of the ego THAT CAN ONLY BE UNDERSTOOD by following the teaching of men like Jesus, Buddha or Mohammad and “going within” by quieting the “mind chatter” and hearing the voice of God.

Love and Eternal Light,



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