August 4th, 2009 “Truth”

Jesus tells us we will come to a point in our lives where by following his teachings we will understand “truth” and this “truth” will free us from this world of fear.

     We must understand that the truth Jesus speaks of is not found in one of the 66 books his Majesty King James assembled. No, this truth is found “within” each and every living soul. Your religious beliefs have nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus and what he is talking about here. No book, sermon or man can have you understanding the “father within” or “the greater consciousness” that lies “within” us all that Jesus is pointing to.  It is individualized, a relationship that we can only come into possession of through seeking the “father within” or the “greater consciousness within”. “Church” does not scratch the surface of The Kingdom Within us all.

     This truth is Non-competitive yet it always wins. We have All been deeply deceived… Jesus tells us this in his teachings, he tells us “we all need spirit filled eyes to see and spirit filled ears to hear.”

  Until we understand that “God”, sitting on a cloud, far away from here in “heaven”, who wanted Jesus to be killed to save “His” creation IS IS LIE, we can not move forward in the Kingdom that Jesus is telling us about.
     “God did Not kill Jesus the Devil/ego did!”
     Think about the absurdity in it all. “God” is love. He does not kill, burn or torture “His” creation as a Hitler did. No “God” does not give one part or people the truth and the other part who does not agree with “you/ego” he with holds the truth from. No, No way. The devil put “God” on the cloud far away from us and the devil is mans own ego who created the hellfire business for control. Remember the devil Killed Jesus and Stephen Not “GOD!”
     For those who have ears to hear listen, seek, and follow the One Within You!
    We need to understand who Jesus was and we need to understand who Saul of Tarsus was. Would this Saul of Tarsus who changed his name to Paul and appointed himself an apostle follow the teachings of a man like Jesus? No and he did not. He killed Stephen a follower of Jesus so to say that he would follow Jesus is a lie pure and simple. Have you ever compared what Jesus taught to what Paul taught? This is part of seeking?

How much truth can we stand before we become fearful and stop seeking?

        Theologians always quote The Apostle Paul. Lets look at Paul; First, he was as much an apostle as you reading this. Second he does not even follow the teachings of Jesus, so why quote Paul or Saul of Tarsus? Why, you ask? It’s all by design to keep us from entering into the Kingdom of “God” that Jesus tells us about and tells us how to Enter. Paul/Saul tells us to pay our taxes, slaves mind your masters and mind your leaders even if you disagree with them. What does any of this have to do with the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus risked his life to tells us about? NOTHING! That’s the point.

       Listen to the “father within” you. “He” will tell you put down those 66 books for a moment. Seek other “books” that help you confirm truth. Seek so that you too can find the Kingdom that awaits all those who dare to follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ.
     The truth as you will discover contains NO FEAR. Saul of Tarsus speaks of fear throughout the book of Romans, Why? What does minding your government (right or wrong), paying your taxes or if you are a slave minding you master have to do with The Kingdom Of GOD. NOTHING!
     Saul/Paul and Jesus teach a different message entirely. Saul teaches a message of a man who knows little about what Jesus taught. Saul sounds like a man full of fear, hate and above all judgement. 180 degrees’ from the loving message of our saviour Jesus.
     Read the entire book of Romans for yourself, from a loving “God” inspired perspective and you too will come to understand that Paul killed Christians. Saul/Paul was IN and OF this world of fear, where Jesus was In but Not Of this world.
     Paul says if you do not work you do not eat. This is Not of “God” it is of “fear”, Opposite of the teachings of Jesus. Jesus tells us do not think about what you will eat “Your father who is in heaven knows what you have need of even before you need it.”

 Paul says pay your taxes, Not of “God.”
 Paul says slaves mind your masters, again Not of “God.”
     Paul takes joy and peace from all who follow his teachings. Where did he come up with this “stuff?” I will close by saying follow Jesus and his teachings not some government official dressed as a sheep who is really a wolf like Saul of Tarsus the “self proclaimed” apostle of Jesus.


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