Jesus and the other “Great-Lovers” taught us of this time.

Spiritual dialog begins to happen. A spiritual dialog between you and the “father” that Jesus speaks of; Only what you now know is that the father, has a face and that face is Jesus.  Some would argue why Jesus and not Buddha? The simple answer “Jesus tells us how to get IN”, where men like Buddha and Mohammad tell us “what the kingdom is like after we enter.” And they all encourage us to follow them to the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom or Heaven. Mohammad even tells us to find God we must follow the teachings of Jesus.

     They all taught of a time when “everyone will understand” or “every knee will bow” as it is written in the KJV. We have never needed to fear because God has been behind and is behind every event in our lives. From the moment when we wake up until we go to sleep, and the time we sleep. “He” wakes us up with the sound of birds and rocks us to sleep with the sound of frogs and crickets. When was the last time you had thought about all the work that went into this place “God” made for you? We had always taken it for granted that the birds sing in the morning but Now We See IT’S GOD saying “Good Morning” Wow everyday becomes more miraculous because you now see God in all things.

     You have no more fear of the world or the people in it because you know that the God that created you created them and “He” would not let them be right and you wrong but in stead made us ALL WRONG so that when we see this we understand “His” loving grace even more due to the fact that you now understand when Jesus said,” Love your neighbor as yourself, what “He” is telling us is “God” is in all things even the things the devil in you does not want to see.

     For example, food. The devil makes you think you work for it but in reality if you look very closely it is an illusion that you work for your food. It is just not true but you can only see this from “the Inside out” not visa verse.  Jesus said “do not think about what you will eat tomorrow.” You do not need to work for food if you believe Jesus. Paul tells us if you do not work you do not eat but we know this is Not True. Many homeless and out of work people are not working all over the world and they still eat. Why?  Yes, “God.” Clothing, what you will wear tomorrow, are you working for this? Jesus tells us we do not have to anymore if we follow his  teachings. He shows us a better way of life that is beyond any other life ever dreamed of,  it is life of being born again and everything is new to you. 

      Arguing your point no longer seems important when you know “God is in control” REALLY!  When you turn everything over to “God” really turn everything over that is when you begin to see Him for the first time at work in our lives.  You will be thinking about someone and they will call, that is “God” answering your thoughts, plain and simple. Nothing is coincidence with a “Source” like ours that we can contact “within”, whom Jesus calls the “Father.” 

     The “Father” keeps The kingdom open to all whom want to enter. “God” makes it plain and simple and the devil or ego continues the lies and deceit.  The devil tells us “I am right” and “you are wrong” when again the fact is we are all wrong if we think someone else is wrong, no matter to what degree. Even in so far as calling the person an enemy, we are told we are wrong if we judge that person and do not “love them.”  This is important!  God does not let the ego/devil into the kingdom at any time, because in “God” there is no ego or devil. Therefore there is no real need for the devil or fear. When your thoughts are on God the devil has no place to sit in your kingdom and “he” soon disappears. Only returning in times of fear. We only fear because we think we are separated from “God” when in fact this can never happen.  It only appears that we are separated because we have not done what needs to be done to “contact the father within.”  This can only be done through as Jesus taught, prayer or meditation as Buddha taught.

We have to stop all the “mind chatter” and “listen” then understand and trust what we hear.

TV does not help in our spiritual quest for salvation or enlightenment, it only hurts your perception of reality. We are being “programmed” unwittingly because our subconscious mind is hypnotized by the tube.

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Love and Light,



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