July 7th 2009 “Trusting”

“Enthusiastic cooperation with God’s will is the secret of a dynamic life.  Energizing the mind and body with divine “thought” is the way to cooperate…….Jesus showed his disciples that the consciousness of man should not be concentrated on a material diet alone, but on the nourishment of Divine wisdom.”

     We are all actors in this play of life. The will of God is to plan for every actor the best finale and in that  lies the true joy of living. One way of overcoming  material possessions is to see them as props that you can not take with you after the play is over. These props belong to God, including your body. When this is accomplished and you have surrendered all your earthly possessions to the will of God, fear of losing anything is removed. When fear of losing anything is removed you see that God has always taken care of your needs and you have never had to fend or protect  yourself; God has ALWAYS been there using people to accomplish “His” goals for you.

     The grand illusion or false belief of the ego is that we have actually taken care of ourselves. When this fact is realized the trusting of God becomes natural and you no longer worry about what your family will eat tomorrow because you know that God is in control.  The 40-60 hour work week becomes a thing of the past and it is traded for a life that is propelled by a renewed enthusiasm for living. Your thoughts change from how can I get my house, car, food and clothes to how can I show and teach others about this “good news.” You begin to see that All sadness is a lack of love for yourself. Not the ego self but the god self.

Ego=Devil=Fear and Self=God=Love.

     When this is understood you understand that you control your thoughts and therefore you control your life. It depends on what thoughts you listen to which will determine your level of peace, joy and happiness.  Thoughts associated with the ego will cause fear and worry. An example of these thoughts are what will I eat, how will my bills get paid, where will I live etc…negative diseased thoughts.  An example of Self thought or Love thoughts are thank you for my food, thank you for my life, how did I get here, what is my purpose in life etc…  positive healing thoughts.

     I will end by reminding us that we do not get sick for the reasons we think we get sick. We get sick because our thoughts cause or body to be in “dis-ease.” A mind not “at-ease” will begin to cause a body to go into “dis-ease.”

     We need to “bind the strongman” which is our ego or devil thoughts of fear, death and worry and replace them with thoughts of love, life and confidence.  Confidence comes from trusting in God for All your needs.

Questions or Comments? If you have a question that you do not want published that is OK you can contact me via email. Just click on the link at the above right under “contact information.”

Love and Light,



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