July 6th 2009 “Knowing”

     Unless one knows God, he must keep seeking “Him” until All delusion is “broken apart” and he becomes settled in the unquestionable realization that God exists and we are very much Loved. One should never be satisfied with dogmatic “beliefs” or an assurance of God and salvation promised by others! Salvation is a reward for the “seekers” or a “free gift” for following the teachings of a person like Jesus the Christ.

     We have to take what Jesus tells us literally!!! Do you fear or worry about tomorrow? Are you concerned with what will be on the table for your family to eat tomorrow? Are you thinking about mortgage or rent payments?  How about your clothes? You can not have salvation if you answer yes to any of those questions. The salvation that Jesus speaks and teaches us about requires that you do not fear and worry about these things.

     Do you know that there are men on this planet today that do not EAT! They are in contact with the creator through “mind quiet time” or meditation and food is not required for them to live. How did Jesus walk on water? Was he in fear when he did this? You can Not fear to have salvation. Fear is the absence of love. Love are the “thoughts” of  God’s and Fear meaning absence love are the “thoughts” of Devil’s.  Why do we have war? Yes, fear. Who do we fear? Do we fear these “made up” enemy’s more than we love our own children? Why send an 18 year old child to go kill people? How many people have you killed? Why send someone else to kill for you? Is this godly? Why do you fear, You are followers of Jesus are you not? Does Jesus tell you “if you fear an enemy send your child to go kill them?”

     We all need to “wake up” even if its costs you your own life as it did for Jesus. Jesus was NOT killed BECAUSE some GOD in outer space needed his creation to SUFFER!!! Please hear this, Jesus was made an example to ALL who would dare follow him and his message. He was KILLED BY MAN NOT GOD!

     Liberation from this delusion can only be had by “knowing” and “knowing” is preceded by an actual commitment to following and practicing what your “master” whether it be Jesus, Buddha or Mohammad teaches.  They ALL three told us the Kingdom is “within” us and can only be found in quiet time alone seeking and seeking. Do not give up, do what you have to do to find the “Salvation” that Jesus spoke of, or the “Enlightenment” that Buddha spoke of or the “New Life” that Mohammad spoke about.

  My brothers and sisters do not be fooled any longer into following the dogmatic beliefs of men who have concocted “religious books” to control the spiritual expirence in this “form” that you “god’s” have come to enjoy.

“If you hear the siren, smell the smoke and see the fire but do not exit the building, you will burn.”

Love and Light,



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