Your mind is your religion.

I am NOT trying to persuade anyone to “believe” as I do or as you do.

But to get us ALL to open our minds and let the “god” in you think for a moment. 

Imagine for a moment that You were born knowing everything!  However, you had to forget so that you could remember.


 The ego/ devil “thinks” that it knows it all, (many religions) when in fact it knows Nothing at all, NOTHING!! Jesus calls the ego or devil, Satan. When Peter acts up in the garden Jesus says, ” Peter cool your ego” or in the KJV “behind me Satan.” Why? Because the ego does not follow the Father “within.”

When Jesus contacts the Father (via prayer or quieting his mind) he remembers Everything and tells us WE CAN TOO!

 Jesus admits no one is good below heaven or in a lower consiciousness (there own mind). We need to surrender “our” thoughts for the thoughts of the “Father.”











4 Responses to “Your mind is your religion.”

  1. thekeynote00 Says:

    Does the “ego” follow the Father “within” or the God above?

    What makes you believe you are God?
    Was that not the first lie Satan told… or the ego tried to convince man of? that you could become like God or God?

    Genesis 3:4
    “For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

    Maybe, just maybe the inner voice your listening to is not God but Satan or your “ego” trying to deceive you?

    Could that be a possibility?

  2. david1963 Says:

    Thank you for your comments.
    It will help us all understand through positive dialogue and without fear who we are why we are here along with the purpose of life as described by Jesus.

    The ego NEVER follows the “Father within.” We have to understand that the “Father within” is in fact “God above.”
    The reason we come to realize that we are in fact “gods” is that we create with our minds. What we think about we bring about. In the Christian bible we read in Psalm 82 “I have said you are ‘gods’ and are ALL children of the most high.”

    Jesus himself tells us in John 10:34 “It is written, YOU are ALL gods.”

    The deception comes from a fear pepatrated by the ego that God/Love will send us to virtual oven if we do not follow the “beliefs” that we have been told are true. Every religion has a “book”, why is one “book” better than the other? What makes my “book” better than your “book?” The ego takes books and makes one truth and the other a lie. The ego even takes the SAME BOOK and makes 1000’s of different religions out of the SAME BOOK! From the KJV bible we have LDS. JW, Evangelical, Baptist Etc… Who is right? I too was very much deceived into “believing” that I was right and if you did not “believe” as I did my God was sending me to Heaven and you to Hell!

    We will know the truth and the truth will set us free. However, the truth is not found in a “book” but through the “Father within.” And finding the “Father within” is Only done by NOT THINKING! Yes, so when I am asked if we can be deceived, yes we can if we think in our carnel minds/ego and not in the mind of God!

    Jesus never lied, and some of what he stated over 2000 years ago has been misused by men/gods wanting to control other gods/men and it has worked very well because of the “Fear factor.”
    Pray, seek, ask do whatever it taks to find the true God within you and ask “Him”; Am I to fear anything?

    When you have OVERCOME FEAR of ALL things you will begin to live in the Kingdom of Heaven as described by Jesus.

    Love and much Light,

    • thekeynote00 Says:

      It almost sounds as if you are the one who is living in fear… fear to think, because if you do it will materialize. You are being help captive by this mystic notion that your thoughts can create, control, and manipulate something greater than just your attitude and your perspective.

      What if a evil thought accidentally pops in your head?
      Are you doomed to see it fulfilled?

      How can you not think?

      From what you are saying mental retarded people, and those with Alzheimer’s are the most God like?

      To stop thinking is to stop being.

      Descarte said, “I think, therefore I am.” That is the basic building block of human existence… the ability to think. It is the foundation that cannot be denied. The only thing you cannot doubt is doubt itself. And to doubt is to think, and to think is to be… and everything thing builds up from there.

      If as you say to “stop thinking” is the answer. That you are advocating to “stop being.”

      Christ did not what us to stop thinking but to use our minds to glorify God. And the highest form of rational thought is not denial of truth and God, but acceptance of Truth and God. And so it is here in this place that faith and reason intermingle. And we are left to either make the next logical step, which is to surrender our life to God, who is above our thoughts and above our way.

  3. david1963 Says:

    How do we surrender our life to God? True being is to stop thinking. Ask yourself how did Adam and Eve know they were “naked?”

    Jesus did not “think” God thought for him. Jesus himself tells us in John 10:34 “It is written, YOU are ALL gods.” If we are gods as Jesus tells us we are, then how do we create? God thoughts create love and ego thoughts create fear.
    I am a follower of Jesus and although I do not agree with Descarte when he said “I think, therefore I am.” I understand the confusion Descarte creates when people believe what he has written. If we stay with what Jesus tells us and Not Descarte, John of Revelation or George Bush we will be much further ahead. We need to go “within” and seek the “father”, then and ONLY then will we understand what Jesus taught.

    Evil thoughts are only evil if you “think” about them.

    Jesus wants us to follow his teachings. He was pointing at the moon and we began to worship his finger.
    Religions are ALL started by thoughts. I hope this helps with what I am talking about as it relates to “thought.”
    Jesus never told us to “think” on the contrary, he told us do not think on our own (Peter, Satan) but to listen to the Father “within” as he did.
    Thinking on are own only brings us pain and sorrow.

    The only way to understand what Jesus teaches and to understand him compleatly is to meditate on his words. He calls this mediation “going within.”
    I hope this helps explain “going within” we ARE NEVER taught this in Church so I understand the confusion. It becomes clearer when you “turn off your mind” the competive, must be right all the time or ego mind. It is not easy, hence 1000’s of different religions.

    Yes, Mental retarded people are the most God like!!! Correct!! They are the happiest LOOK AT THEM!! Its only when “thinking” people treat them badly and without love that they are saddened. As far as Alzheimer’s researchers are telling us DAY-DREAMING or not ego thinking helps reduce the onset of the dis-ease.

    Dis-ease is caused by a mind that is not at-ease.

    Questions to ask yourself. Who am I? How do I know who I am? Who told me this? How do they know? Who told them?

    Where was Jesus for the 30 years up and onto the start of his ministry?

    Last question; How does Jesus know that You and I are god’s?

    Continue to seek in Love and you will find, Jesus tells us All who seek, find.


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