Fear of God!

Fear God.  Why? Will “He” throw you into a fire (forever) if you do not? No No, do not fear God in a manner that causes you sickness and dis-ease. No fear God as the voice inside each one of us that Jesus calls the “Father.” Do not fear God because some kind of punishment will befall you. No, fear “Him” because if you do not follow the little voice, no matter even if “It” tells you to; “Move your family to Tim-Buck-Two” then you are listening to the devil. If you do not listen and follow no matter how foolish “It” may sound you are not following God but your own Ego which Jesus calls the Devil. We have been lied to folks. This site is a wake up to the reality of who you are site. Jesus tells you, you are “like gods.” I did not say this first Jesus did. I just found this to be TRUE!! Wow how does that make the Ego/Devil feel. Another human (heaven rejoices) has found salvation in the truth.

I want to address the “Christians” and “Muslims” reading this. Suppose what we will call the “little voice” tells you to go and “witness” to “that” person and you do not? How do you feel moments later when that person has left the area? Now suppose you listen to that “little voice” inside you, and you “witness” to that person. Now how do you feel? A lot better uh?

Think I Lied? Think Jesus lied? 

Your “reality” is made up of your “thoughts” what you “think” about you bring about. Change your thoughts and change your life. If you change the way you look at something the things you look at change.

For example: If you were a Muslim you would say that Christians are wrong and vice versa Why? Because you look at “things” different. Christians “think” Muslims hate them and vice versa Why? Who is right? Who told you, you are right and “they” are wrong?  God?  Does God judge, hate or kill? Depending upon the “book” you are reading or what school you go to or where you were born or what your parents taught, and their parents before them. Where did your “book” come from? Who is the author? God?

What if? Just what if, We were all wrong? And God is actually Love?

The Ego/Devil can not handle that one uh? Love every”One.” Even those who “hate” me. YES!

What if we are all ONE and not separate? Ever “thought” on your own? How is that TV working for ya? Still “think” you know what happened on 9-11 or what will happen in the future? 

Think again!

Ask yourself, would Jesus be in your “Church or Mosque?” He would? Why? If you have fear, hate or division Jesus would Not listen to your message you can be assured of this. Both Islam and Christianity claim to be “followers” of the carpenter from Galilee but do they really follow the teachings that he gave his life for?

Think again!

This time, listen to the “ONE WITHIN” you, for “He” is love.  Tell “your ego”, the devil to take a spiritual hike and really begin to live in the love of everyONE. We are all One. We must ALL understand this before we can have the salvation Jesus speaks of or the enlightenment Buddha speaks of or the new life that Mohammad speaks of. We are all right and wrong at the same time.

I will leave you with this thought and its not a new one, I think know you have heard it somewhere before, it will help in the coming days and weeks.

Here it is: “Love your enemies as yourself.”



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