Follow Your Heart

Fear is created not by the world around us, but in the mind, by what we “think” is going to happen.

I say to myself that if it can be imagined, it can be created.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies “within” us.

Follow your heart. It is the only organ that will surly let you down one day, so do not waste it while you are living.

Just believe!!!


3 Responses to “Follow Your Heart”

  1. thekeynote00 Says:

    Hey David I’m surprised I haven’t seen any of your thoughts on this latest “swine flu” outbreak and fear mongering from our current Government. They are even warning that its going to come back in the fall and its going to be far worse…

  2. thekeynote00 Says:

    just wondering your thoughts… if you had any?

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