Why do churches get tax breaks? They are control institutions that take the power from the people by teaching them a gospel with no power. Is there power in your gospel? How do you feel? Do you have Love? Always?

I hope this helps to explain in greater detail “Salvation.” This comes from a monk who lived 1260-1328A.D. his name was Eckhart. Most of what we have been taught “is true” but we have tried to interpret it through the “Ego/Devil” mind and therefore the “spiritual” aspect that “they” killed Jesus for is missing! When you become “Christ-like” they will be calling you a radical because they do not understand. You must continue to love them for they do not understand. Friends and family may dismiss you as a devil or blasphemer just as they did to Jesus but take heart; He over came the world. He knew what he was doing. Love is the absents of all fear and that is the answer to all things. When you are afraid of ANYTHING!!! ANYTHING!!! IT IS NOT TRUE!!!!

Imagine 5000 people today becoming “Born Again” not church born again but really “Born Again” in Peace, Free from politics, economics  and religion and in harmony with one another. It can be yours!! Just SEEK!! SEEK!!! SEEK!!!

Go within, let the “Father” show you his kingdom!!! Jesus’ allowed himself to suffer to bring you this good news!

St Luke 21:31.—“Know that the Kingdom of God is near.”

Our Lord saith that the Kingdom of God is near us. Yea, the Kingdom of God is within us as St Paul saith “our salvation is nearer than when we believed.” Now we should know in what manner the Kingdom of God is near us.

     Therefore let us pay diligent attention to the meaning of the words. If I were a king, and did not know it, I should not really be a king. But, if I were fully convinced that I was a king, and all mankind coincided in my belief, and I knew that they shared my conviction, I should indeed be a king, and all the wealth of the king would be mine. But, if one of these three conditions were lacking, I should not really be a king.

In similar fashion our salvation depends upon our knowing and recognizing the Chief Good which is God Himself. I have a capacity in my soul for taking in God entirely. I am as sure as I live that nothing is so near to me as God. God is nearer to me than I am to myself; my existence depends on the nearness and presence of God. He is also near things of wood and stone, but they know it not. If a piece of wood became as aware of the nearness of God as an archangel is, the piece of wood would be as happy as an archangel. For this reason man is happier than the inanimate wood, because he knows and understands how God is near him. His happiness increases and diminishes in proportion to the increase and diminution in his knowledge of this. His happiness does not arise from this that God is near him, and in him, and that He possesses God; but from this, that he knows the nearness of God, and loves Him, and is aware that “the Kingdom of God is near.” So, when I think on God’s Kingdom, I am compelled to be silent because of its immensity, because God’s Kingdom is none other than God Himself with all His riches. God’s Kingdom is no small thing: we may survey in imagination all the worlds of God’s creation, but they are not God’s Kingdom. In whichever soul God’s Kingdom appeareth, and which knoweth God’s Kingdom, that soul needeth no human preaching or instruction; it is taught from within and assured of eternal life. Whoever knows and recognizes how near God’s Kingdom is to him may say with Jacob, “God is in this place, and I knew it not.”

God is equally near in all creatures. The wise man saith, “God hath spread out His net over all creatures, so that whosoever wishes to discover Him may find and recognize Him in each one.” Another saith, “He knows God rightly who recognizes Him alike in all things.” To serve God with fear is good; to serve Him out of love is better; but to fear and love Him together is best of all. To have a restful or peaceful life in God is good; to bear a life of pain in patience is better; but to have peace in the midst of pain is the best of all.

A man may go into the field and say his prayer and be aware of God, or, he may be in Church and be aware of God; but, if he is more aware of Him because he is in a quiet place, that is his own deficiency and not due to God, Who is alike present in all things and places, and is willing to give Himself everywhere so far as lies in Him. He knows God rightly who knows Him everywhere. St Bernard saith, “How is it that mine eye and not my foot sees heaven? Because mine eye is more like heaven than my foot is. So, if my soul is to know God, it must be God-like.”

Now, how is the soul to arrive at this heavenly state that it recognizes God in itself, and knows that He is near? By copying the heavens, which can receive no impulse from without to mar their tranquility. Thus must the soul, which would know God, be rooted and grounded in Him so steadfastly, as to suffer no perturbation of fear or hope, or joy or sorrow, or love or hate, or anything which may disturb its peace.

The heavens are everywhere alike remote from earth, so should the soul be remote from all earthly things alike so as not to be nearer to one than another. It should keep the same attitude of aloofness in love and hate, in possession and renouncement, that is, it should be simultaneously dead, resigned and lifted up. The heavens are pure and clear without shadow of stain, out of space and out of time. Nothing corporeal is found there. Their revolutions are incredibly swift and independent of time, though time depends on them. Nothing hinders the soul so much in attaining to the knowledge of God as time and place. Therefore, if the soul is to know God, it must know Him outside time and place, since God is neither in this or that, but One and above them. If the soul is to see God, it must look at nothing in time; for while the soul is occupied with time or place or any image of the kind, it cannot recognize God. If it is to know Him, it must have no fellowship with nothingness. Only he knows God who recognizes that all creatures are nothingness. For, if one creature be set over against another, it may appear to be beautiful and somewhat, but if it be set over against God, it is nothing. I say moreover: If the soul is to know God it must forget itself and lose itself, for as long as it contemplates self, it cannot contemplate God. When it has lost itself and everything in God, it finds itself again in God when it attains to the knowledge of Him, and it finds also everything which it had abandoned complete in God. If I am to know the highest good, and the everlasting Godhead, truly, I must know them as they are in themselves apart from creation. If I am to know real existence, I must know it as it is in itself, not as it is parceled out in creatures.

The whole Being of God is contained in God alone. The whole of humanity is not contained in one man, for one man is not all men. But in God the soul knows all humanity, and all things at their highest level of existence, since it knows them in their essence.

Suppose any one to be in a beautifully adorned house: he would know much more about it than one who had never entered therein, and yet wished to speak much about it. Thus, I am as sure, as I am of my own existence and God’s, that, if the soul is to know God, it must know Him outside of time and place. Such a soul will know clearly how near God’s kingdom is.

     “Schoolmen” have often asked how it is possible for the soul to know God. It is not from severity that God demands much from men in order to obtain the knowledge of Himself: it is of His kindness that He wills the soul by effort to grow capacious of receiving much, and that He may give much. Let no man think that to attain this knowledge is too difficult, although it may sound so, and indeed the commencement of it, and the renouncement of all things, is difficult. But when one attains to it, no life is easier nor more pleasant nor more lovable, since God is always endeavoring to dwell with man, and teach him in order to bring him to Himself. No man desires anything so eagerly as God desires to bring men to the knowledge of Himself. God is always ready, but we are very unready. God is near us, but we are far from Him. God is within, and we are without. God is friendly; we are estranged. The prophet saith, “God leadeth the righteous by a narrow path into a broad and wide place, that is into the true freedom of those who have become one spirit with God.” May God help us all to follow Him that He may bring us to Himself.




  1. thekeynote00 Says:

    One question came into my mind as I read this post…
    Did Jesus preach about Hell? The Gospels clearly talk about it… so how do you interpret what Jesus is talking about?

    Is there truly nothing to fear.. or only God to fear.

    Jesus said do not fear the enemy but fear God for He is the only one who can take kill both your body and your soul.

  2. david1963 Says:

    We are to be afraid of God in the same manner we are afraid as children of our earthly mom and dad. (We need to be as children or we will Never see the kingdom of God).They would never stick us in an oven Forever or do us any harm and neither would your creator. I can explain it this way:
    Yes son?
    Dad, I am afraid of the bogie man.
    Son do not be afraid of anything, if you are going to be afraid of anything, be afraid of ME, cause I can take care of that mean ole’ bogie man for you and I would never harm you, you are my son. So you “My Son” have nothing AT ALL TO FEAR! I love you more than creation itself. I created it all for you.

    God the “Father” is the One who gave us love. There is no hate or wickedness in Him. Hate and wickedness come from the “Devil”(free-will) and you need not fear the “devil” when you are walking with the “Father.”

    Jesus speaks of hell and it is not a physical location after death. We have to think as Jesus teaches us to think. Spiritually. Hell was a place people burned trash, so Jesus often uses this metaphor and tells us that the sinful thoughts that we hold in mind need to be tossed to hell. When we look at Jesus through the eyes of truth given to us by the “Father” we see a carpenter, who ascended “higher” spiritually than any other human. Jesus was a man who became One with the “Father.” He is not “coming back” to harm anyone in anyway that is a LIE! Just as 9-11, moonwalk, JFK, Etc.. It has been used by men to control men for over 2000 years. Remember they KILLED HIM!! Why???

    I can tell you how a garden looks but until you “see” it for yourself you will continue to be mystified by it all or just disregarded it as a lie as they did during Jesus’ life.

    Remember they were so egotistical that they, the leaders refused to do as he advised them. They were afraid of the same things religious leaders are afraid of today, if the truth be told and understood the bible except for what Jesus’ says would be obsolete and churches as you know them would close. You can see this garden that I speak of if you will do as Jesus teaches us to do, and that is to SEEK THE FATHER! Where is the “Father?” Who is the “Father?” The carpenter told us if we seek we will find. Quiet the mind of all the non-sense (work, school, nfl, B.Spears love life etc…) and the “Father” will teach you. Books and people are just guide posts, nothing more than that. Some of the books King James put in his version are good and some are not so good.

    You can only know what Jesus means when you listen to HIM!

    In closing I want to refer you to the book of revelation. Think about this for a moment, the author never knew Jesus when he was alive and walking on the earth. The man who wrote this had as much personal knowledge about Jesus the man, that you have. You will understand its all “fear tactics” to get people to think like the author thinks. The author tells us “this generation shall not pass,” well it has passed and many times over I might add and still no sign of a carpenter, on a horse, with a sickle, coming back to KILL PEOPLE. Jesus was as much about love as God or any “man” could be. I only pray that YOU seek the “Father” in spirit and in truth, WITHOUT FEAR! Because, I love you. I want you to understand what I am writing here. You know me personally. I would not lie to you. And more than this JESUS was not a liar.
    Revelation, as interrupted by most is a fear book designed to control the masses.
    Think about this, Jesus “ALLOWED” himself to be killed on a cross so we can live a life free of tyranny, domination and control.
    To be “Born Again” is not just some Bible Church Slogan, man! It’s the truth. We can not discover this truth until we give up ALL FEAR and become who we our and that is “One with the Father!”

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