The term “addiction” is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive physical dependence or psychological dependence, such as: drug addiction, video game addiction, crime, alcoholism, compulsive overeating, problem gambling, computer addiction, pornography addiction, etc.


Addiction……a……ScArY word with a scary “control-meaning”….People believe this word to be true so it is to them. But! Do we really become addicted to anything or do we just “think” we are?

     For anyone who has ever been addicted to anything the “addictive-thought” (that results in the action), is one of fear just prior to becoming “OK” to “DO-IT”.

      The reason we “think” we become addicted is because we know that what “we want” (Ego/Devil), to do is not what (God) the “Father” wants us to do and therefore we know that the “addiction” is a lie. Why? Because the Devil is a liar and God is the truth. We become no longer addicted when we “listen” to the “Father” (thoughts), who brings us love and we Do-Not listen to the “Devil” (thoughts), “He” who only comes to STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY.

     When you understand that you NEVER have to think a thought you do not Want TO “think” ever again! Your life begins to become supernatural and you feel Born Again! When we are not the watcher at the door of our thoughts and we do not bind the strongman, our life is not being lived in Salvation! We are still in and of the world and not free from it’s lies and distortions.

The first thought is one of  O-NO!  That is the “Father” who knows best, advising us do not “think” this way. Then the next thought, after we have disregarded the “Father’s” warning is how you (Ego/Devil), will “feel” while doing what you (Ego/Devil), “think” you (Ego/Devil), are addicted to.

Addiction, when brought to the “Father”, is a lie,  plain and simple.

People are taught in the world to say;  “I am an addict”  “I am powerless”  “Help me to accept this behavior that I can not change.” When in TRUTH the words that are to be spoken are words and “thoughts” of power and control. “I AM NOT AN ADDICT” “I HAVE THE POWER OVER (…)”  “I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS BEHAVIOR AND I AM CHANGING FOR THE BETTER EVERYDAY, FOR ME, MY FRIENDS AND MY LOVED ONES, THANK YOU GOD.”


Remember; “Addiction was whispered into Eve’s ear and the resulting “thoughts” were FEAR and SEPARATION, separation from the “Father” because he does not live in FEAR!

Never fear the Devil and his angels they can “DO NADA!”




4 Responses to “Addiction”

  1. Great day to you David:

    Are you addicted to God?
    Can anyone be addicted to Jesus Christ?

  2. I think you can be addicted to God. Melchisdec (sp?) says There is no High like the Most High. I, personally, have replaced heroin with God, and I am loving life a lot more than when I was doing drugs!

  3. Stuart,
    Thank you for responding. We can Not be Addicted to God.

    “The term “addiction” is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive physical dependence or psychological dependence.”

    As defined above an addiction to God would not be possible.

    Addiction as defined above emplies a “lack of control” and if you seek God the “Father” you will be incontrol and not addicted. Addiction also emplies fear and the “Father” is without fear and is Love. Addiction is the Devil’s/Ego’s way of lying to us. Telling us we need or must have something that we not only Do Not need, and is harmful to our spiritual growth. I hope this helps explain “addictive-thought” and how “addictive-thought” can be overcome to live a supernatural life. Anytime we are not incontrol of our thoughts and our mind is free to roam we stand the chance of “addiction.”

  4. Daniel WINTER Says:


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